Merkel reminded Trump about the General rules

German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the inaugural speech of the new US President Donald trump, urging him to work together on the basis of previously adopted rules, reports Deutsche Welle.

“I am firmly convinced that we all will be better, if we work together, based on shared values and rules”, – said Merkel.

The call by Merkel for action on the basis of common agreements related both to the sphere of international Economics and agreements in the framework of NATO. Tramp does not recognize international treaties on free trade and was critical of cooperation under the auspices of the Alliance, writes the edition.

“In the coming years the relations within the transatlantic partnership will be no less important than before. I will work on it”, – assured the Chancellor of Germany.

She also added that even in the presence of different opinions is always possible to find compromises if to treat each other with respect.

Recall that trump has officially entered a post of the US President on January 20. The inauguration ceremony of the 45th head of the White house was accompanied by mass protests.