The head of “Naftogaz” explained that when Ukraine monetize subsidies

Ukrainians can start to get monetized housing subsidies in April 2017. This forecast was voiced by the Chairman of the Board of “Naftogaz” Andrey KOBOLEV, transfers “UKRINFORM”.

As noted KOBOLEV, we are talking about the return of funds that Ukrainian families were able to save on utilities. Now the government develop a mechanism for the calculation of subsidies and further transfers of funds from special accounts to private Bank accounts of consumers.

“If the consumer has been credited with 100 hryvnia, and he used 80 hryvnia, in my opinion, and this is confirmed by international practice, the remainder is 20 UAH should be allocated to that customer – as a bonus for the fact that he used less energy, it will save,” – said KOBOLEV.

He also noted that the current incentives to save not enough – consumers have ceased to reduce gas consumption when the temperature rises.

“This is a very threatening tendency, indicating that the reduced incentive to save. These incentives should be returned, “– said the head of” Naftogaz “.

Earlier, KOBOLEV noted that the monetization of subsidies will help to start the market of gas for the population, with the result that consumers will be able to choose a gas supplier.

As reported, the Ukrainians this year will recalculate the amount of subsidy. The number of subsidianes by this time, I assume the Cabinet will rise to seven million families. The lion’s share of subsidianes issued a discount subject to the minimum income, which amounted to 1,600 hryvnia, and now upgraded to 3200 hryvnia.