Five cases in the world of cinema predicted the emergence of Donald trump

The US President-elect Donald trump during his career appeared in no less than two dozen cameras, that is, played the role of himself in movie and television. What movies have predicted his future as the leader of the free world yet? Thurfjell Greta (Greta Thurfjell) is immersed in the history of film – and teleart.


“Back to the future-2”
© Amblin Entertainment (1985)scene from the movie “Back to the future”

In the movie Back to the future 1989, the antagonist of the main character Biff Tannen (Biff Tannen) is sent back in time to provide a wealth of himself in his youth.


Everything goes like clockwork, and the future is changing: now he is “one of the richest and influential people in the United States.” He owns a casino gives money to the Republican party and gradually captures in her power. Your city it turns into a place where lawlessness prevails. Dissidents destroyed, and residents are told to call him “the greatest living heroes of America.”

Screenplay Bob Gale (Bob Gale) later confirmed that this image actually inspired by Donald trump.


“Gangs Of New York”
© Miramax Films, 2002Кадр from the movie “gangs of new York”

A patriot and a racist wrapped in the American flag. In the film Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese) 2002 bill “the Butcher” cutting is performed by David day-Lewis (Daniel Day-Lewis) with the handlebar mustache striking resemblance to trump. “I don’t see Americans, I see losers,” he says, referring to the Irish, invading, in his opinion, in the country, like the “hordes of aliens”.

“Butcher” bill is cruel and welcomes the cruelty of others. It’s time to think about how the President-elect stated that he would like to beat the speakers at the Convention of the Democratic party, “to have heads turned around the axis. So much that they never regained consciousness”. He also wondered what would happen to Hillary Clinton if she weren’t surrounded by armed bodyguards.

After the announcement of the results of presidential elections in the United States, Martin Scorsese himself has compared his character with the next us President.


“Citizen Kane”
© RKO Radio Pictures, 1941Кадр from the film “Citizen Kane”

The directorial debut of Orson Welles (Orson Welles) 1941 portrays Charles foster Kane, who “probably would be a good person if he weren’t so rich.”

Its similarity with trump’s amazing. Both have built their business Empire on parental money, everyone has a giant mansion in Florida, both twice divorced, and both eventually decide to go into politics, declaring himself “the voice of the people”. He and the other threatened political opponents with jail on charges of “corruption”. Tycoon from the movie even delivers a classic replica of trump’s reality show “the Apprentice” — “You’re fired!”.

It should be noted that trump in an interview in 2002, called the “Citizen Kane” as his favorite film and even tried to get into the character of the protagonist, saying that if he could give advice to this similar to the character, he called him “find another woman”.


“The simpsons”: “Bart to the future”
© 20th TelevisionКадр from the TV series “the Simpsons”

After the election rapidly spread the rumor that the American animated series “the Simpsons” 16 years ago predicted the election results at the state level. The rumors are not true, although supported by a suitable cutting staff. However, the prediction of “the Simpsons” about a failed presidency, trump is a fact.

Released in 2000, episode the son in the Simpson family, Bart, imagines what may develop in his life. Lisa becomes “the first woman straight on the post of the President of the United States”, replacing the post of Donald trump. During his first meeting with White house staff, she reports that “the legacy of President trump, we inherited an extremely difficult economic situation”.

As the author of the script for this episode Dan green (Dan Greaney) told the website Hollywood Reporter, the choice of the previous President had become “a warning to America.” “It seemed logical endpoint, after which the country would drop to the bottom”.


© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1976Кадр from the movie “Network”

Veteran anchorman Howard Beale learns he’s gonna lose his job and live threatening to commit suicide. Insane monologue about what life is “shit”, breaking all records for audience ratings, and the bill allowed to remain and conduct its broadcast in Prime time. During one of the outbursts of anger he said the words that later became a kind of motto of his supporters: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to stand for this!”

Satirical film of 1976 were forced to recall elected President of the USA, suggesting reflections on the role of demagogues and the value of public debate. On camera TV host calls out one truth after another: “Everyone can see that it’s bad. The streets were filled with hooligans, and no one seems to know what to do with them. And with no end in sight”.

In a scene near the end of the film the head of the Howard Beale show commitment to the one truth in the spirit of Donald trump: “the World is a business”.