More than a third of workers would prefer to continue to work in a remote format

37% of respondents HR portal would like to continue to work from home

In Ukraine, where soften quarantine, more than a third of workers evaluated the benefits of remote work format and would like to use it in the future. These survey results shared on the staff portal

So, 37% of respondents would like to continue to work from home. And almost one in five (21%) respondents believe that because of the danger of coronavirus is not necessary to cancel the remote format. About 19% of the respondents to the contrary are unable to adjust to home-based work and want to get back to the office. Another 15% of respondents declare their willingness to such a return, however, if the employer will implement additional steps to protect the health of employees. In the option “Other” (9% of all responses) often appear to have a flexible schedule and a mix of home and office work.

“The fact that flexible working is seen as optimum or desirable in the current environment, said respondents, answering the question about what additional steps must now implement employers. This option was chosen by 62% of respondents,” – said in the study.