The Cabinet reported that as of 1 January increased wages of state employees and civil servants

From January 1, increased the salaries of employees of budgetary institutions and public servants, said the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In particular, teachers ‘ salaries this year will grow by 50%, and doctors by 30%.

From 1 January of the first tariff category of unified tariff, which is the basis for the calculation of salaries in the budget sphere is 1.6 thousand UAH, and the minimum wage will amount to 3,2 thousand UAH.

Increased the size of scholarships. In particular, the minimal regular scholarship uvelichena by 33.4%, and the minimum scholarship for specialization (pedagogical, natural-mathematical, natural, mathematical, engineering) of universities of III-IV levels of accreditation – 54.3%.

In addition, increased on average by 15% the salaries of civil servants and other categories of employees of state agencies, and the minimum amount of salary from January 1, 2017 will amount to 2 thousand UAH in accordance with the law “On civil service”.

The report notes that the decision the government took to organize in 2017 in accordance with the current legislation of conditions and sizes of remuneration of employees of government agencies (civil servants, employees of patronage service, employees of government agencies that perform service functions).

Also according to the government act the orderly assignment of positions of the civil service to appropriate groups pay.