McCain gave the Trump advice on how to deal with Putin

The US President-elect Donald trump needs to go back to the principle of the former American leader Ronald Reagan towards Russia. So says U.S. Senator John McCain, reports RIA Novosti with reference to Fox News.

He reminded Trump that the former American President in relations with the Soviet Union adhered to the principle of “peace through strength”.

McCain hopes that trump’s advisors, including a candidate for the post of head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, will be able to persuade the elected President to take a tough stance.

“We can’t reward bad behavior, we must return to the principle of Ronald Reagan: peace through strength. To gain strength and then deal with him (Putin) is the only way to succeed” — said McCain.

Earlier , John McCain made a statement regarding the relationship between the US and Russia, accusing the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the continuing destruction of the Syrians. The Senator declared that Obama’s attempt to improve relations with Russia ended with the invasion of Putin in Ukraine and military intervention in the middle East.

In turn, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared that Donald Trump trying to prevent to take office, trying to organize against him a kind of American independence.