Arab youth had changed their preference: the USA is an enemy, Russia is a friend

As a result of recent surveys conducted in the Arab world, it became clear that Arab youth considers Russia a great ally than the United States.

The company ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller with the centre in Dubai has appealed to the youth of the Arab world with the question of which country they consider to be allied. While 21% of the 3.5 thousand young people who participated in the survey, called ally, Russia, for the USA this figure did not exceed 17%. According to the results of a survey conducted by the same company in 2016, 25% of Arab youth expressed a preference for the US and only 9% — Russia.

One of the BBC correspondents operating in the middle East, Kim Ghattas (Kim Ghattas), which analyzes what happened during the year 12% increase in this ratio in favor of Russia and an 8% drop from the US perspective, the report titled “middle East: a divided region”, draws attention to the strong position of Russia in Syria, and notes: “If the U.S. characterized the decline, while Russia — the rise, due to the fact that people appreciate a reliable ally. Russia shows the reliability, taking together with Iran the side of the Syrian President.”

Pissed at trump

Another significant result that emerged from the survey conducted in 15 countries, is that young people will relate US to a group of enemies, not friends. If in 2016, 63% of young people in the Arab world consider the United States a friend, but this year their opinion has changed, and 49% of respondents declared the administration of Washington by the enemy. As reasons for the change, the results of surveys conducted in March and April, attention is drawn to the coming to power of US President Donald trump.

Five out of every six respondents said that they trump has a negative image. 64% of young people said that they experienced negative feelings toward Trump: anxiety (29%), irritability (20%), fear (15%). However, 70% of respondents agree that trump is the enemy of Muslims, with almost half of respondents said that trump’s ban on issuing visas will benefit the jihadist organizations.

Noteworthy is the fact that the report presented to public opinion, it is noted that trump is a leader with the most negative image in the Arab world among other American presidents. While the previous
U.S. President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) sympathized with 45% of young people, even Bush (Bush) who ordered the occupation of Iraq, trusted more than Trump.

Reminds Turkey

Company PEW centre in the USA conducted a study on a larger scale, and it turned out that the people of Turkey consider the US a threat. According to the study, while in Turkey anti-American sentiments are at the highest level, citizens of South Korea and Japan, who are allies of Washington, also stressed that the United States considers as a priority threat.