Hygiene the future: reusable tampon

American brand Thinx – the same one that was released in 2015 menstrual underpants (maybe soon they will replace us strip, because the absorbent layer already sewn into the underwear – something like a diaper, but it is convenient!), this time I decided to go even further and declared that in March 2017 on the shelves will be reusable tampons Reta writes peopletalk.

Recall that the era of tampons began in 1933, when the U.S. surgeon Earl Haas at his wife’s request made a special product Tampax – tampon English words (“pad”) and pack (“pack”).

But really popular this hygiene was only in the 70-ies of XX century (in the USSR tampons came even later, in 1989, thanks to the magazine “Burda”, which appeared in the first advertisement).

Now a new Chapter – reusable tampons Reta. Their applicator is made of medical silicone which can be washed with plain water and after re-use.

To abandon a disposable hygiene company Thinx calls, but on their website there is data that in the year we throw away about 7 000 000 000 tampons. “Too much waste, it’s time to think about the future of our planet, encourages the founder and CEO of Thinx Miki Agrawal. – Reusable personal care products are as good as disposable, no need to be afraid of bacteria and other problems. The main thing – follow the instructions on the package.”