Craziest wedding cars in the world (photos)

Wedding car is an integral part of almost any wedding ceremony. We chose eight of the most bizarre vehicles, which can become a memorable alternative to a boring limo, writes “Motor”.

Golf club in the canadian city of Tillsonburg offers its customers to arrive to the ceremony of driving… signature card. However, the service is only available during summer and winter driving on snow-covered field small car is unlikely to be mastered.

In Sydney, Australia available for ordering “supergranny” limousine based on Chrysler sedan 300 °C. in Addition to newlyweds, the car is able to accommodate ten passengers, who will be a bar, 1200-watt stereo system, strobe lights, and TV’s. Nothing special? And as you climb up the door — like fashion crossover Tesla Model X.

In 2014, the largest European trucks Truckstar festival marked the wedding of Peter and Kim, who came to the event on the tractor Scania R730. Specially Bridal vehicle cab equipped with a large king size bed and chandeliers for candles.

To bring your own wedding and behind the wheel of an agricultural tractor. Importantly, white bridesmaid dress is not soiled by manure or not smoky exhaust.

For that tractor, there is a more extreme alternative. For example, to go to the happiest trip of their lives in the bucket of a food processor.

The company Tanks-a-Lot from the British Helden and even offers the couple hire a… tank! With treads and cannon. The gun, however, emasculated and give a festive salvo will not be able. Rent a tank, able to take on Board three crew members and eight passengers, will cost 1600-4000 pounds.

I want an ordinary car, but an unusual appearance? You can decorate the car “new” with something unexpected. Plus, these decorations is immediately clear, where goes the groom, where bride.

Those who care about the environment, you can go to the wedding on the bike. Such transport is not only harmful to the environment but also improves health. It is important that the bride had on a dress shorter — otherwise, the pedals turn the awkward.

In a traditional Japanese rite-shipment “young” take a special rickshaw. So neither the bride nor the groom to strain your legs is not necessary.