Russia and the draw for the world Cup: the agent who might know too much

Christopher Steele (Christopher Steele) has become world famous, making dubious record of Donald trump. Now the former agent is afraid of retaliation by the Putin — because previously, he has also explored a very “juicy” information about the circumstances of the awarding Russia the right to host the world Cup in 2018.

Their concerns Christopher Steele never concealed, on the contrary: their partners, the British have always warned of associated dangers. He, a former agent of British intelligence MI6, was aware of the danger which was constantly.

After his name was last week named as the author of “dossier trump”, he disappeared. He is afraid of retaliation by the future US President, but even more — revenge on the part of Russia. Because in the Empire of the former KGB agent and head of FSB Vladimir Putin he faces dual problems. Because, first, this is a very “juicy” political matters, greatly disrupting Russia.

And secondly, we are talking about football.

Through the firm Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. Christopher Steele has not only worked with the American FBI, but also may have had access to detailed information on the interesting question as to how Russia managed to obtain the right to host the world Cup in 2018? This theme of holding in suspense the whole sports world from December 2, 2010, when the FIFA Executive Committee to cause a lot of issues circumstances authorized Russia and Qatar to host tournaments, respectively, in 2018 and 2022.

The same day a few hours after the decision, President Vladimir Putin flew to Zurich and gave a strange press conference. When the then Prime Minister of Russia said that comes from the fact that the billionaire Roman Abramovich will continue to support the Russian plan for the preparation of the 2018 world Cup, the latter, who sat near, started and took the attention.

The economic deal between Qatar and Russia

If you believe the claims of Christopher Steele, a decisive role in favor of Russia’s choice by the host country for the 2018 world Cup was played by the involvement of Abramovich and other oligarchs and Gazprom to implement this plan. The corresponding decree Putin gave only in the late summer of 2010, fearing that Russia will lose miserably struggle. As Steele and other agents pointed out in the secret dossier of the English Committee for the preparation of an application for the right to organize the 2018 world Cup, Abramovich was first seen in the leadership of FIFA during the 2010 world Cup in South Africa.

Steele was patient and tackled the question of how Putin and the then Emir of Qatar Hamad Bin Khalifa not only made up of mega-agreements on the development of the giant gas fields on the Yamal Peninsula, but also agreement on the Alliance in the issue of holding two world Championships. This was attended by longtime friend of the former Emir, Hamad, billionaire Mohamed Bin Hammam, a longtime member of the FIFA Executive Committee, which, incidentally, has been barred for life from office for corruption.

All this looks like a scary Thriller about secret agents. And is it really.

Simultaneous dual award the right to host the world Cup was out of the ordinary even in a world already rich in scandals, the FIFA — and at the same time provided a vast field of action for intelligence services and firms engaged in various forms of “business analysis”. Most of them were founded by former senior officials of the intelligence agencies (MI6, CIA, NSA, etc.) and sell what they are called of information, corporations and States, or, in this case, the Committee for the preparation of the bid to host the world Cup.

Measures for the special services

In this mysterious darkness covered the industry for recruitment apply a very intricate scheme. So, Orbis, founded by Steele in 2009, the company was working on “dossier trump” first in the order of the company, Fusion GPS from Washington. Subcontractors usually do not know who is the main customer and, in turn, treat their orders to other subcontractors. All that information gets only the immediate partner to the main customer. Thus, Steele was investigating in the framework of the “dossier trump” on his own initiative.

Similarly, he acted in the investigation of FIFA. Firm Orbis was hired by the British Committee for the preparation of applications for the organization of the 2018 world Cup through the company Hakluyt & Company. Hakluyt also owns the former “big shot” from MI6 and was involved in numerous scandals and scams in the UK. World Cup bid Committee representatives Hakluyt, a few weeks before the announcement of the decision of the FIFA properly announced that England can count on two or three out of a total of more than 20 votes. She really got only two votes and were eliminated in the first round. About this kind of parts since 2011 there is a debate within the sports Committee of the British Parliament, and there are many documents confirming them.

Intelligence agencies intervened in this case in 2009 — directly after the founding of the English bid Committee — for the purpose of collecting materials for eight countries, also claimed to organise the 2018 world Cup. Furthermore, the British feared espionage from the Russian side. The Committee hired private security firms for the purpose of physical protection as well as protection of the electronic document, and moved to counter-espionage. With the aim of collecting information were also used by the British Embassy. The last moment, in General, is not something out of the ordinary — so, in preparation for the 2006 world Cup in Germany coordination was also involved in the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Thanks to the embassies of the bid Committee had the opportunity to capture the required information produced by intelligence agencies. In parallel Hakluyt and Orbis was engaged in own investigation.

Lord To and his unusual recommendations

According to a senior staff of the bid Committee, as well as government officials, then an important role was played by the Council To Sebastian (Sebastian Coe). Lord Ko, the former head of the organizing Committee of the Olympic games 2012 in London, currently holds the post of head of the International athletics Federation (IAAF), said that such policies played a crucial role when applying for the right of organization of the Olympic games in London. This is stated in the documents of the lower house of the British Parliament, available, in particular, at the disposal of edition of the Sunday Times, the source of which — Christopher Steele — is now proved to be declassified.

There are also other sources and whistleblowers. For example, one senior official of the bid Committee confirmed that appropriate advice was given To the Lord, who in 2009 was head of the ethics Committee of FIFA. According to him, To warned that such intelligence operations must know the minimum possible number of people. In the future, their expenses were paid by the sponsors of the bid Committee. For this reason, costs are not contained in official financial plans. The results of the investigations were encrypted and remained a secret even from the Parliament and commissions of inquiry, working in may 2011. The English football Federation, however, during several hearings, was silent about the existence of the file.

Some private investigators like Christopher Steele continued to work until 2011 — at least six months after the announcement of the host countries for 2018 and 2022 world Cup. And if so far about “undercurrents” within FIFA knew only a few journalists, now the study of this “parallel world” doing all kinds of agents, firms, adventurers and intelligence agencies.

Questionable types

Among the information brokers and investigators included, in particular, and quite serious characters — how in this area we can talk about of seriousness — for example, the former head of FBI Luis Fri (Louis Freeh), the firm is called FGIS has received an order for the investigation of corruption in the ranks of the North American football Federation CONCACAF. However, the market lacks and dubious types: single European demanded one million euros for information on the movement of funds on accounts of some of the functionaries of FIFA in Swiss banks. Other groups had hoped to get a total of ten million dollars for the displacement of the President of FIFA Joseph Blatter (Joseph Blatter) and the evidence of his “dark dealings” with Qatar. However, the latter remains unproven.

Additionally, the situation was complicated by the actions of investigative authorities in the USA and Switzerland. Industry insiders like Steele, with certain contacts, not fail to take advantage of this opportunity and offered his services to the FBI or the Tax administration of the USA (IRS). The starting point of these investigations, according to representatives of the FBI and IRS, were exposing British journalist Andrew Jennings, who met with FBI agents in 2010 in London at about the same time as Steele.

Numerous firms belonging to high-ranking representatives of Anglo-Saxon and American intelligence services, starting from 2010-2011, was trying to sell a real or fictional information most interested customers. There is some evidence to suggest that Russia and Qatar might conclude a bilateral deal worth many millions. Steele and other former spies constantly stressed that the most actively acted in Russian. It’s intelligence agencies, the FSB and the SVR, according to them, was actively involved in the preparation of the bid to host the 2018 world Cup, and then conspired to cover his tracks.