America is preparing for war with Russia?

The U.S. air force conducted a simulated air combat with the participation of Russian production fighter in the sky over the “Area 51” in Nevada.

The role of the “enemy” plane was flying single-seat fighter su-27P, which is on arms of the Russian and Chinese air forces.

The su-27 was intercepted by F-16 fighter that rose from the nearby air force base “Nellis” (Nellis).

These two fighters during the 25 minutes were a dogfight with each other at heights of 6 thousand meters up to 10 thousand meters.

It was a stunning scene — a Russian fighter jet attacks a military aircraft US air force F-16 during a simulation of combat, which in itself can serve as evidence that America is preparing for a possible war with Moscow.

Published images made by the air traffic controller Phil Drake (Phil Drake)in the sky over the “Area 51” in Nevada, which is one of the most secret military bases, and it happened in the day when Donald trump was elected President.

According to Drake, is shown in the photos the aircraft is a single — seat su-27P and a veteran of the us air force F-16.

Drake himself was in the wilderness near the “Area 51” on November 8, the day of presidential elections. He hoped to see training flights, high-speed fighters.

This 42-year-old enthusiast from the British County of Hampshire said that his photographs are the first documentary evidence of this kind of air combat in the United States.

According to him, the Russian su-27P “Flanker-B” was never officially imported by the United States.

“This plane was anonymous and unmarked, except for camouflage in the Soviet style, said Drake. — After completing its task, both of them headed towards the lake Groom lake (Groom Lake), in the direction of strictly protected airspace. The images were produced from the valley Tikaboo (Tikaboo Valley), located near lake Groom lake (the official name “Area 51”), and Drake had to the limit to zoom your camera in order to film what he could see.

Here is what he said: “the Aircraft was at a height of about 6 thousand meters, a few kilometers East of where I was, and so we can assume that the distance to aircraft was not less than ten kilometers. They were literally dots in the sky, and, of course, this is the reason that nobody was able to film them”.

“Initially, the aircraft were some way away from “Area 51”.

“The Americans are using training flights by Russian aircraft in order to gain an advantage during the battle. They also experience new types of weapons to determine their efficiency against the real, made in Russia objectives.”

“According to rumors, the Russian “Flanker” up in the air in the area of lake Groom lake almost for 20 years, but no one has yet managed to make convincing photographs and to prove that this plane actually is in there. Published photographs represent the first evidence that the Americans fly on this plane, which is the main fighter in the structure of air defence the Russian and Chinese air force”.

Drake continued his story: “Everything was quiet in the region of 13.00. Very quiet. No movement for two hours, and I began to think about how to move to the other position in Queen city Summit (Quenn City Summit) or to the observation deck called the Powerlines Overlook. But then my attention was drawn to the sound of a flying fighter, and it was at this point that I first saw su-27 “Flanker” from “Area 51”.

“He flew to the northeast at an altitude of about 10 thousand meters, leaving behind an intermittent contrail. Time was 15:00 and the sun was already sinking towards the West, when the “Flanker” and the F-16 was set up for me, 25-minutre air show. The impression was that this pair was demonstrating the interception on a collision course, reducing the height of 10 thousand feet to 6 thousand meters, and it all happened in one and a half or three kilometers from me.”

“This meant that they were well illuminated by the evening sun. After the interception on a collision course, they began to practice air combat, and the “Flanker” used his tremendous agility, trying to get behind the F-16″.

“I did a great series of photos, but since the aircraft were at a great distance, my autofocus couldn’t cope with its task. I was forced to shoot in manual mode and constantly rebuild the ring aiming in order to get normal pictures”.

“Su-27 was clearly single, it was the su-27P “Flanker”-B”.

“Flanker” was painted in the classic style of the 1990-ies in two tone blue color with a white nose and a white end fairings. Very original aircraft. There were rumors that the United States received two single “Flanker” from Belarus in 1996 or 1997, and I think it was one of them.”

“After the final air combat I was lucky and I was able to photograph F-16 at the time when he was next to the “Flanker”, then they both returned to a height of 10 thousand feet and flew South-West in the area restricted airspace “Groom lake”. It was interesting to see that su-27 has left a large contrail, whereas the F-16 did not have any of the contrail, even though it was on the same height”.

“Area 51” is one of the most mysterious places in the world. This is located in Nevada test military base since the end of 1970-ies is the focus of conspiracy theorists and ufologists who claim that there are mysterious alien technology. This large military complex is located between dry lake in the North-West and a small mountain on the West. It has long been closed to the public, and it was full of armed guards.

This place, as confirmed, was formerly used as a testing ground for military aircraft.

There were tested samples of the famous spy plane U — 2 (SR-71 Blackbird) stealth fighter F-117A Nighthawk.