The Tesla owner was unable to unlock the electric car in the Mojave desert due to the lack of cellular (photos)

A businessman from Las Vegas Ryan Negri was in a bad situation, leaving his electric Tesla Model S in Park Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave desert. He started the car using the mobile app on your smartphone, but after stopping, could not continue the journey due to the lack of cellular communication, – says TJ.

In his Instagram Negri said that came to the Park to take some photos of snow on the slopes. Finding the right place for shooting, he got out of the car and took some pictures. He soon realized that to make electric car will not work due to the fact that in the desert there is no connection to the cellular network, and means to unlock the Tesla will not work.

Stranded 6 miles from home, 2 miles from cell service; our Saturday morning. The thought was to go for a quick drive to take some photos of the freshly-fallen mountain snow. Having only my phone in my pocket, I unlocked and started the car with it, and we left. 6 miles down the road we decided to turn back, but before that, had to adjust Mozy & Millie’s car bed, so I exited the vehicle…bad idea. Need to restart the car now, but with no cell service, my phone can’t connect to the car to unlock it. Even with cell service, the car would also need cell service to receive the signal to unlock. @amymnegri, the hero she is, started running to reach cell service height. After about 2 miles she reached signal and called a friend for a ride to the house to grab the key fob. The key that will always be with me (now) when I drive that car.

A photo posted Ryan Negri (@ryannegri) Jan 14 2017 12:03 PST

To get out of this unpleasant situation, the wife of a businessman named Amy had to walk over 3 miles to catch the signal, call friends and ask to bring the car keys.

Negri said that he was aware of the fact that the mobile app will not work without cell signal, but he just forgot about it. The businessman also admitted that he was in a bad situation through their own fault, but advised the developers to add the Tesla method of starting the electric vehicle using the password in a time when there is no cellular connection.

After the incident Negri added some photos to your Instagram.

Photo: Ryan Negri