Trump called Iran a terrorist state “number one”

The US President Donald trump said that Iran “absolutely no respect” US and a “terrorist state number one.” He stated this in an interview with Fox News channel, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

“Iran has absolutely no respect for our country. He is a terrorist state number one. It allocates funds for weapons,” he said.

Trump has promised to act against Iran from the position of sanctions, and added that the US “have already begun to do.”

He noted that there will be advance warning of their actions. According to trump, he always criticized his predecessor Barack Obama for what he pre-warned about the deployment of troops “in Mosul or in other places”.

Recall, the US imposed new sanctions in connection with the launching of missiles.

Earlier in mass media appeared information about the fact that on January 29, Iran tested a ballistic medium-range missiles for the first time after the entry of Donald trump as President of the United States. Soon, Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehgan confirmed the test of a new ballistic missile. He said that the tests do not conflict with any nuclear agreement, no resolution of the UN Security Council 2231 adopted in July 2015.