The best viewing platforms in Paris: how to see the city from the heights of lovers (photos)

A little bit of a worldly man understands: there is no better way to get a General impression of the place as you look from the top. Yes, and every sensible guide knows what is convenient to tell tourists about attractions, pointing to them in the panorama opening from the height.

Such a super city like Paris, all the above applies in full. And the first of the Paris observation deck, which comes to mind — the Eiffel tower. But not so simple: first, she is the personification of the city, and the view of Paris without it is somehow unfinished. Second — the tower is overloaded with tourists, and at least half an hour will have to stand alone in line at the cashier. And then — this applies to low season. Then turn to the elevators. Well, at all levels of the tower will have to seek out the opportunity to see the city and make a photo, squeezing between the “salvadonica” tourists… in short, to climb the Eiffel’s structure at least once in a lifetime must. But then it is better to find other interesting observation platforms, and what you will help Today.


The famous shopping centers worldwide for a long time and attract customers not only the range but also with various additional entertainment. Chip Paris SEC — panoramic platform on the roof. So, on the roof of Printemps centre, equipped with spacious and absolutely free “deck” from which one side overlooking the famous Opera house and the Eiffel tower to Montmartre. Next door is the even more famous observation deck at Galeries Lafayette. However, the people there more. But with the platform on the roof of Le BHV Marais looks good, the Paris city hall square and the Hotel de Ville (on the books many of us know it as the place de Greve). Far seen Eiffel tower and Notre Dame. However, to get this roof is not so simple: first you need to wait when starting working here in the evenings.

History. Behind city hall is a legendary place de Greve.


One of the first Parisian skyscrapers, built in 1973, Its height is 210 meters high-Speed Elevator takes passengers to the panoramic 56th floor (elevation 196 m) in 38 sec. Then you have to climb the stairs. Panoramic glazed floor and outdoor terrace give an overview of the city at 360° and at a distance (in good weather) up to 40 km With most of the major “interesting” in Paris gathered in a circle with a diameter of about 10 km. from the Montparnasse Tower called the only place where the average tourist can see the Eiffel tower from the height of bird flight. The cost of visiting the panoramic floor and a terrace — € 15.

Twilight. It looks like the symbol of Paris from height of bird’s flight.


The building was built in 80-ies of XX century and is interesting in itself. On the facade the architect used the panels from aluminium with a titanium diaphragm that responds to the illuminance on the street and thus maintain an optimal level of light inside the building. Interesting exhibition of the Museum of history and culture of the Arab world, are located here. But to the topic of our conversation is the terrace on the ninth floor: it offers one of the best views of the Seine and Notre Dame Cathedral. Experts suggest it is here to watch Parisian sunsets. Entrance on the terrace free. But the tour of the Institute will cost up to 10 euros, depending on the program.

Paradox. The best views of the Catholic Church of the open roof companies studying Islam.

The façade reacts to light.


The huge Catholic Church has become a symbol of Paris, is not inferior in importance to the Eiffel tower. Panorama of urban neighborhoods and types of the Seine from the towers of the legendary Cathedral perfectly enlivened by the presence of figures of gargoyles, chimeras of the incredible view and the like the mythological fauna. By the way, the most popular monster has its own name — the Strix. The highest observation deck on Notre-Dame is situated at altitude 45 m. it leads To the stairs of four hundred steps. A little lower (about 250 steps) there is also a Gallery of chimeras. Fee for the entrance is 8 Euro.

Because the Cathedral is a must for tourists, it is prepared that the checkout line you will have to spend at least an hour. However, it is moving fast. The towers waiting for the better lighting is also too long will not work: you need to quickly give way to dozens of you wanting to make a good shot.

Chimera. Dozens of these monsters appeared on the roofs of the Cathedral just after the reconstruction in the nineteenth century.


Huge rectangular design is a symbol of the La défense business district. The building is faced with glass plates of 5 cm thick, positioned so as to reduce wind pressure.

The place for construction was chosen for a reason. With the top rail of the arch, with a height of 110 m is in full view of the historical axis of the city: a Large arch is in line with the Louvre and the arc de Triomphe, and get her the Eiffel tower, Champs elysées, Concorde, Tuileries garden. Well, the entire skyscraper district of La défense is visible at a glance. The observation deck of the arch of the tourists picks up a transparent Elevator. The cost is 10 Euro.

Defense. The skyscrapers in the French capital gathered in one place.


One of the best known and most accessible viewing areas in the city. On top of a hill with a height of 130 m, you can walk up, breaking the 222 stairs, or drive up on the funicular. Although the site at the foot of the sacré-Coeur Basilica is almost always crowded, but the view from here is not close no grilles or dusty glass Windows. A more advanced version of exploring Paris from the Montmartre hill, you climb even higher, to the dome of the sacré-Coeur Basilica. It offers a view of dozens of kilometres. Up a staircase of 300 steps, no Elevator. Access to the observation deck, but the price may change: to clarify this nuance you need in place before lifting.

Classic. Look like city blocks from the foot of Sacre Coeur.