What China can expect from Tillerson

January 11, the Senate Committee on foreign relations of the us Congress held hearings on the approval of Rex Tillerson to the post of Governor of the US state Department.

Future Gossekretat USA Rex Tillerson made a startling statement saying that the actions of China for the construction of Islands in the South China sea “is comparable with the methods of Russia’s seizure of Crimea” and declared that the new U.S. government will send to China a “clear signal”: first, to stop the construction of the cores, and secondly, to forbid the entrance of China to these Islands.

Since Tillerson has a close relationship with President Putin, among the nominated candidates trump Tillerson is the most controversial contestant who most likely to meet disapproval from the Senate. So after his harsh statements about China, many had suggested that Tillerson specifically demonstrates this position to ingratiate himself with the Senate.

Tillerson does not give a clear description of how to carry out its declared task. After harsh statements Tillerson mentioned extremely close interweaving of Chinese and American interests, and called China a valuable partner in the fight against radical Islam and said that we should not allow disagreements in other issues to keep productive partnership between the two countries.

It is difficult for us to judge which of the above statements, Tillerson is more important. But as his statement about ban China’s entry to these Islands is still the most radical and compelling US position in international relations, we will deploy our arguments around it.

The statement of the former head of the largest oil company “Exxon Mobil” is undoubtedly an exaggeration, and China has sufficient determination and strength to ensure that his demands to leave the island is total nonsense. There is no single effective method and way for America to implement this requirement, but to deploy Washington’s full-scale war in the South China sea.

America, not having in the South China sea absolute power, wants to force the nuclear powers to withdraw from their own territory. Tillerson should have read several books on the strategy of the nuclear powers. In his calculations he might have thought only about the oil price or the exchange rate, but did not take into account, how much blood should one plot.

In the theory of law Tillerson also looks pretty incompetent. If China is not allowed to approach the Islands that he controls a long time, Vietnam and the Philippines also are unable to come to their Islands? Should not the Islands of the Nansha Islands in the South China sea become completely deserted? And then consider the so-called “free navigation” of the American army near the Nansha Islands reefs?

We doubt that when Tillerson gave a solemn pledge to the Senate Committee on foreign relations, he did not understand what he was saying, or he was firmly convinced that the members of the Senate completely unable to understand what he says.

At the moment, probably because trump has not yet ruled officially, the Chinese government adheres to a low-key manner when the members of his team make too harsh statements.

China follows the tradition to listen and to look for new diplomatic partners, in addition, the channels of communication to broadcast their opinions of the Chinese side not as varied as in America. The US should not be born an erroneous judgment, because the Chinese side can really afraid of any threat from America.

Tillerson’s statements regarding the issue of the South China sea lacks professionalism, they are comparable to the irresponsible Internet users. If the team trump in the future and therefore will shape Sino-American relations, the countries in case have to resort to a military clash and accelerate the completion of military missiles.

This year the countries of the South China sea intensified the negotiations on the establishment of “Standards of conduct in the South China sea.” Through negotiations, these countries can resolve mutual differences, and help America’s “military boots” are not required. While the relationship the Philippines and Vietnam with China diminished considerably and negotiations on the South China sea is becoming more productive, it Tillerson in the U.S. Senate especially jarring.

We therefore hope that the desire Tillerson to build relations with China in a constructive partnership is its real intent, and those harsh statements, that caused a sensation in the press, made only to curry favor with the Senate. No matter which policy you will choose the diplomatic team trump against China, China must be well prepared for any strategy, especially the tactic of struggle. “No fight, no cohesion” is increasingly becoming the main formula in Sino-American relations of the two powers.