Ukrainian police is creating a network of agents

Ukrainian police after a long break again began to form a network of secret informants for criminal intelligence and criminal investigation. As told to us sources in the interior Ministry, in recent months, the intelligence network has significantly lost ground. This led to the fact that the security forces were often left without vital operational information, and, as a consequence, are unable to uncover a crime in hot pursuit.

“At a time when they were created Natspolitsiya, did not take into account the many nuances, — told us one of the leaders in the Central apparatus of the interior Ministry. — Late and late was made necessary changes to the law about operatively-search activity, plus there were problems with the definition of the functions of the national police. To make all these changes, prepare new standards took about six months. Eventually about 9 months, we actually had no right to accumulate and contain agentsite. In fact lost contact with many former informants. Recertification of police officers also has contributed many policemen it is not passed and was dismissed, taking with them the intelligence developments.”

But recently the police started to strengthen the “defense”, to acquire new informants. Especially about the priority of working with undercover agents last year said even a member of the Board of the interior Ministry Anton Gerashchenko, specifying that considers the paltry reward of 2 thousand UAH a month for those who are constantly risking for important information. Now, it seems, the situation is trying to improve. “The increase in “fees” for whistleblowers now being actively discussed. It’s clear that for the sum of 2 thousand hryvnias most “agents” will not work. But while that increased amounts are not paid, the budget began to run only from January 1,” — told us the security forces.

FOR DRINK AND TOBACCO. The detectives told us that while high-ranking officials decide to increase “fees” or no, in fact you have to “reward” agents of their own pockets. “If investigating theft, or robbery, then the “RAM” food, stocking up on multiple packs of cigarettes. For the valuable information given their “stomachicum” “salary” tobacco. They also understand that pay out of pocket, so do not pluck, — said one of the operatives. — Although much valuable information can wring and 5 thousand. And sometimes the informant and 100 grams of to pour, to bring in a cafe to feed.”

Investigators say, most of them feeding information to people one way or another connected with the crime, ex — prisoners, drug addicts, petty crooks. “It is difficult to find a job, especially now, and every day need money for food or the dose, so we are each other interesting, — told us one of the operas of Dnipropetrovsk region. — We merge data on the possible channels of deliveries of drugs, illegal HUNDRED engaged in dismantling the stolen cars and things like that”. But the smallest group of informants, according to investigators, it is the ideological, intelligent citizens. “But their data is often the most inaccurate. They tell us about their suspicions, in the end, your time and the information is false,” say the detectives.

Another problem — “dead souls”. Some dishonest Opera, for example, argue that they need to pay five informants, and in fact they have only two. “The crime was solved and stated that he was helped all five of them, paid two, and the reward of three took it, — speak in police. — Keep track of all of this is difficult, because the documents do not specify agent names, only call signs and nicknames. It needs to be changed”.