NBU explained why in Ukraine, takes off the dollar

The reason for the growth of the dollar in Ukraine in the beginning of 2017 was a limited supply of foreign currency on the interbank market. This was stated by Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Oleg Churiy.

Deputy Valeria Gontareva assured that the situation is temporary and due to the fact that the new year holidays in Ukraine coincided with the working days in the US and Europe.

“In the first post-holiday day on the interbank market came to sell foreign currency revenue that was accumulated during the Christmas holidays in Ukraine, which coincide with the working days in the US and Europe,” said Curi.

Now this factor is offset, however, according to Cure, the supply of currency is limited to the traditional results for the first months of the year slowdown.

“In particular the decline is to a lesser the receipt of proceeds from exports of the crop agricultures, which were the main source of foreign currency in the autumn months. At the same time, the principal source of foreign exchange earnings gradually takes over steel exports. This also contributes to the global pricing environment due to rising steel and iron ore,” said Curi.

He stressed that the national Bank is ready to smooth excessive fluctuations of the dollar in foreign currency auctions. So, today , the NBU has already announced the sale of $ 100 million. The dollar on the interbank market yet Vzlet – bids go above the level of 27.5 UAH.

Experts predict that in January the rate of cash dollar can climb to 28.5 UAH. During the year, experts say, the exchange rate will fluctuate around 30 UAH.