Why are Russian folk*BHA that much?

I was wondering how folk react to the attack on Varlamov, so I got to read the comments as in urban communities, and other resources. And the reaction, you know, ambiguous. Moreover, she’s amazing. For me personally.

Mostly users rejoice. However, this is not surprising when you consider that he was showing all the dirt and neblagonamerennosti their cities. And to blame them is silly. Compare, for example, their cat. Does she like it when her face poked in her droppings? Of course not — this is purely instinctive behavior, which is the same as inherent to humans. And as we know, a basic set of instincts of many people is no different than the instinct of any animal. So their reaction to the attack in General predictable (the cat in Slippers would have just written), but still unexpected for me.

It would seem, should be happy the officials — because that is what he was passing time crawler covering your camera. And people must commiserate: because he was drenched in the first place the officials and demanded to properly equip the town. But once again we saw how the government and the citizen are a brilliant complement to each other.

Purely by instinct, many stood up for the leaders (i.e. regional authorities), which, though badly fed, but the wool is sheared in time, for which they thank you. No, I really did not expect such a strange reaction, although, again, expected. Once again I thought about the people (not everyone, of course, but a small part of it) better than he actually is.

I believe that the negativity towards Varley was due to the fact that it is not enough that the blogger, and tideway bespectacled hipster appearance — this is indicated by multiple comments in the style of “OOO, hipsters received,” or “scho for Blocher? Don’t know any Blocher, let him to the factory of Magnus*uet to work!” Right this aesthetic, literally eating the soul of envy to read the reviews of the second type from the fact that some duplic lives for pleasure, and turn their millions, while I, a real tough guy, salt of the Russian land, wyab*Vayu like hell and live like a donkey in the doghouse, and it will die like a dog the last. “Oh, you found, driving around, taking pictures of everything! The smart galleries? Yes, he would factory work — nothing heavier mouse and not kept, PADI. The tangles grow and your walking around here with a clever e*al! Properly poured green paint — it was necessary to punch this faggot!” That’s right the bile that is the envy of literally a waterfall pouring from their mouths directly in the line of their joyful comments. As if their fucking life Varlamov’s fault, not they themselves.

And, of course, the important role played by another instinct we inherited from primates: self-affirmation such losers, through the humiliation of another. This applies both to those involved in the pouring of green paint, and hordes of those who are now whining about this joy. Just look at the photos of those who attacked Varlamov — it’s completely gray nothingness. What they still do not this assertion?

Did you notice that chavs are always acting in the interests of power? You know why? It is not ideology — gopoty it by definition can not be. In the case of an entity such cowardly mongrels: need someone to make up for its insignificance, but do not want the consequences. So who the leader will indicate that they bite — they will not suffer any punishment. And if they Vasiliev — then clearly there will be consequences. And not even legal, and elementary gang. A bitch the homeboys entity feels well, who can bark with impunity, thereby sweep his anger for his own inadequacy in this world. She feels, by whom it is possible to somehow assert themselves. That is why it is, whether the lyuber 80s, the Komsomol 70s and here are today’s likes — I don’t know how there can be these days to call — so very active. What is most interesting — if they were in power, Bulk, and set the trend in harassment of Putin, they would likewise hunted Volodya — it is exactly 100%. Ethology need to know, you know.

By the way, Varlamov in this respect, General reference victim: eye-catching custom appearance scrawny bespectacled. That is, just like in the school hierarchy, all. These chavs are not very fond of — I’m still on the memoirs of Yegor Letov remember which severely bullied in school for that puny and bespectacled. And apparently stood out finally. Oh**l in the region. Years pass, times change, and the homeboys instincts remain intact. And fellow citizens, cleverly disguised from the homeboys, but in my heart it is. I, however, thought that such high primitivnykh, we have a few left. But no: according to the scale of joy from the attack on Varlamov, a lot of them and they are sooo noticeable part of the Russian people. So who then would dare to challenge the idea that every nation deserves its government, huh?

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