Syria responded to the rocket attack, the Israeli air force at the air base near presidential Palace

Fighters of the Israeli air force struck a rocket attack on a military airfield Mezza, which is 5 km from the presidential Palace in the South-West of Damascus. This is stated in the statement of command of Armed forces of the SAR, to the state TV.

According to the sun, several rockets were fired at 00.25, local time (01.25 GMT) Israeli pilots from the occupied Golan heights to the North of the sea of Galilee. “They all exploded in the vicinity of a military airfield, which caused the fire,” according to the statement. About victims information is not given.

“This aggressive action was a desperate attempt to raise the morale of terrorist groups,” the document says.

The command ATS warns Israel about the consequences of the attack and stressed that “the Syrian army will continue to wage war against terrorists until their complete elimination and cut off the hands that are behind them.”

The state television of the SAR notes that “Israel provides support for the gangs at the head of the terrorist group “jabhat al Fatah ash-sham”. According to him, the Syrian army recently “confiscated large quantities of weapons and ammunition Israeli production in many parts of Syria.”

The Mezze air base is an important strategic object and is used mainly elite units of the Syrian Republican guard.

7 December 2016, the Israeli air force struck the military airfield Mezza from the area of tell Abu Nada from the occupied part of the Golan heights.