On weekends in Ukraine will be warming

To replace strong frosts and a strong snowfall in Ukraine come rain and zero temperature. A slight frost will be only night.

This is the forecast for the weekend from Reuters.

According to weather forecasts, on Friday in the West of Ukraine will pass rains, places with wet snow. And on Sunday in the Western regions will come clear. Temperature from -1 to +1 day and 1-3 frost at night.

This weekend will be pouring rain with sleet. The air warms from -4 to +1 degrees, day and night — to —1—7 Claus.

In the North the rain: -1 to +1 day and -1 at night. In the capital it will rain only on Saturday and Sunday will be clear from -1 to +1 day and the same night.

In the East, from Friday, too, the rain will clear up by Sunday. The air temperature from -1 to +4 degrees during the day and at night –1—8 frost.

In the South weekend is traditionally the warmest. Some places will be rain with snow, temperature from -1 to +4 degrees.