Why Obama’s policies in the middle East proved disastrous?

For more than four years, Bashar al-Assad could not crush the rebels, who sought to suregot his regime in Syria. Even the most brutal methods used by the Syrian dictator’s use of chemical weapons against civilians and the massacre, arranged them in different cities of the country — have not been successful. Assistance received from Iran (Hezbollah and the IRGC the Iranian revolution) did not bring Assad victory. And then there was Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian army to use fighters and missiles of distant radius of action, killing all the citizens indiscriminately. The rules of the game changed immediately. Assad was guaranteed survival at least at the moment.

When Putin came into the game? When it became clear that the United States does not intend to fill the strategic vacuum created in Syria. When the Russian leader saw as Assad ignores the “forbidden line” proclaimed by Obama. When the mass murder in Syria, has acquired unprecedented since the Second world war, the magnitude, resulting in tremendous casualties continued at the inactivity of the US (and the rest of the world), who did not want to use force to end the bloodshed.

Washington should have understood that nature abhors a vacuum. Putin went to the middle East through the open door left by Obama. The US President has shown a complete lack of understanding of middle East reality, when in response to the Russian bombing, he warned Moscow that can get caught up in the “Syrian swamp”, and has offered Russia joint efforts to establish a truce. At this stage, Putin has not needed the help of Obama. Russia and Iran have agreed to keep the Assad regime at any cost. Then to Moscow and Tehran have decided to join the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He made a bet that seemed a win — win- to enter into an Alliance with Russia and Iran, which have become the dominant force in the region. As Turkey is immersed in the fight with the Kurds, became a constant target ISIS (banned organization in Russia — approx. ed.), Erdogan may regret your decision.

When Obama became President, he already had formed the doctrine in the Middle East. He did not allow facts to ruin your beautiful theory. He was worried about Israeli construction beyond the ceasefire line of 1949, including East Jerusalem. He wanted to teach the Israelites a lesson. He decided to withdraw American army from Iraq, to extend a hand of friendship to Muslim countries to recognize Iran, controlled by Ayatollah, who, according to Obama, was to become the dominant force in the region.

Under this policy, the head of the Palestinian authority Abu Mazen could not, of course, to negotiate with Israel, while he is building in the territories. However, a complete rejection of the construction of the “green line” would not have been possible with any Israeli government. Therefore, Abbas appealed to the UN. When Obama refused to veto anti-Israel resolutions, the Palestinian leader won a tactical victory, which proved to be Pyrrhic. The last resolution will become another barrier to direct talks, if they take place.

After the withdrawal of us troops from Iraq this country has become a hothouse for Islamic state, and Iran began to take the state under its control. Now Tehran is signatory to the favorable Treaty with the West, making a great effort to enhance its influence throughout the middle East.

But the most terrible legacy of Obama’s policy in the middle East is half a million citizens killed in Syria and millions of people forced to flee their country.