Trump: the dirt on me — rubbish and fake

The US President-elect Donald trump commented on reports that Russia allegedly collected dirt on him, to be able to exert pressure. He quoted the message of the Kremlin, where this information was considered nonsense.

“Russia has never tried to use the levers of pressure on me. I have no business with Russia — no transactions, no credits, nothing at all,” wrote trump on Twitter.

On the other, he recalled that “Russia has just stated that unconfirmed report, paid for by political opponents, is a complete and total fabrication, utter nonsense”.

Earlier media reports that Russian special services have dirt on trump, nonsense, “absolute duck” and a fake name by the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. Answering a question BBC, Peskov said that the Kremlin has no dirt on Hillary Clinton, who lost to Trump’s presidential elections.

Publications about the dirt on trump, according to press Secretary of Vladimir Putin, aims to harm relations between Russia and the United States. “The Kremlin does not collect dirt. The Kremlin, the President engaged in building relationships with our foreign partners”, — said Peskov.

Last week, American intelligence agencies gave Trump a report on the investigation of hacker attacks during the election campaign in the United States, according to which Putin ordered to start a campaign with the purpose to affect results of presidential elections in the United States and to prevent Clinton to be elected President.

The head of the Federal Bureau of investigation, James Comey at a hearing of the Senate said that cyber attacks from Russian hackers exposed resources not only Democratic but also the Republican party.

Shortly after the speech of Komi broadcaster CNN reported that in addition to the main report trump last week received the application on two pages, from which follows that Russian agents have collected information about it. This, according to CNN, said a former British intelligence officer, a trusted American intelligence services.

Later, BuzzFeed published a file of notes allegedly made by the former British intelligence officer. Other American media condemned to BuzzFeed for this, because to confirm the accuracy of the leak turned out to be impossible.

The trump has already reacted to the publication of the compromising evidence, calling them “a total political witch hunt”, but not directly mentioning neither BuzzFeed nor the other media.

The portal WikiLeaks, which published stolen by hackers documents of the Republican party, also questioned the authenticity of the material about the dirt on trump, paying attention to style and factual errors.