One of the negotiators criticized the publication Savchenko lists of prisoners

Lists of Ukrainian prisoners, which were published by the people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko, are incorrect, but their very publication could be the PR move policy. This was stated in the comment to the edition “GORDON” the head of the group for the exchange of prisoners “Patriot” Oleg Kotenko.

According to him, Savchenko published lists are incorrect, as they diverge and did not rule out indignation on the part of mothers of prisoners.

“Lists Savchenko incorrectly released from captivity are mixed with the missing and the dead. First of all, of course, evident that many people from these lists already released. Others, on the contrary, I there do not see. We compare its lists with our database. Most of the names listed there is actually real people that are now in captivity. Of course, now the scammers will gather your thoughts and start working on these surnames. In addition, may begin as hysterical mothers those people who are currently not on the list. They would be outraged, saying that our children Ukraine does not want to release. There will be a wrong interpretation of the situation,” said Kotenko.

He also believes that it is not all the lists of prisoners of Ukrainians, and the most correct list of the features of the SBU.

“By themselves, the lists do not give. We see there only the year of birth. You need to maintain a database, which will be much wider. Where these lists took Savchenko? I guess part of the Ruban can be a part took the other side. But they are incomplete. We have an extensive database where 9 thousand people. There will be released, and dead, and missing. To combine it (base edition) with other makes no sense. Everyone’s doing their job. I think our base is much more than the SBU. But at the same time, their lists more accurate. Over lists you need to work, because every day the information changes. We have on the database more than 10 people working,” said Kotenko.

Additionally, the negotiator believes that by publishing the lists of prisoners, Savchenko gave a PR

“Savchenko publication of lists of prisoners of Ukrainians are like a PR campaign. It seems as if she is trying to prove that has access to these lists. Don’t know, time will tell. But this is my first impression. We compare its lists with our database. Most of the names listed there is actually real people that are now in captivity. Also note that there will be a hysterical relatives of the guys who is already buried, but they appear in lists Savchenko”, – summed up the kitten.

As reported today , the Governor released the lists of Ukrainians who are held captive or are still missing in the occupied territory of Donbass and in Russia, as well as the names of the persons required to give the militants of the so-called “DNR” and “LNR”.

In turn, the adviser to the head of SBU Yury tandit said that published information on captive Ukrainians can benefit scammerswho try to cash in on their relatives.