The main infectious diseases of the United States asks the protesters to take the test for coronavirus

Unfortunately, there is a likelihood that the protests are a hotbed of infection

Protesters in the US have to be tested for the coronavirus in connection with the fact that the risk of Contracting them during the protests is very high. Is the Director of the Federal Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the USA Robert Redfield.

“We really want these people as should be appreciated, all were tested and, of course, went there (the streets — Ed.). I think that, unfortunately, there is a probability that it is a hotbed of infection, says Redfield.

In his opinion, everyone should realize that in his best interest to protect their loved ones and say, “Hey, I went to a demonstration, I need to pass the test.”

In the us capital, where there was unrest, the prevalence of infection remains high. According to him, in many large urban areas, where meetings were held, before the situation with the coronavirus was difficult.

Despite the recommendations of the authorities for social distancing, thousands of Americans, violating them are taking part in the mass protests and unrest after the death in Minneapolis (Minnesota), African-American George Floyd. Police used during his arrest on may 25, a choke, and then he died in the hospital. A day later, all four involved in the arrest of police officers were dismissed, they charged. In the riot gear to local law enforcement agencies often connects national guard of the United States.

Recall that the former President of the United States Barack Obama supported the protests in the United States.

Obama’s statement about the protests in the United States. Source: Reuters