Diseases zodiac signs: Capricorn suffer from loneliness and pain in the joints

When you want to crawl under the covers with sweets, mulled wine and a book, are born people who are the first two points is prohibited, and the third you need to consider. This Capricorns are suffering from problems with the knee joint, pancreatitis and loneliness. How to cope with them, said psychologist Lubomira Lubchenco, a rheumatologist Valeria Melekhina and therapist, dietitian, Tatiana violet.


Capricorn — it’s a sheep with a fish tail. Silent and stubborn creature. About what is happening inside, it often does not know, because they can not in themselves to understand. Capricorn never forgets, but can long endure, and then, deciding that the patience of the end, is revenge. And a stab in the sore spot. He is very obstinate, no arguments can not hear or understand. For the most part, the Capricorn people are lonely, unsurprisingly, to survive with him side by side very hard. There are times when they are very hard to tolerate the loneliness, believing that the whole world is against them. Their motto at the time: “terms of the danger, all the enemies”. Others in this period of time is better to withdraw and wait it out.

DO NOT BREAK THE BUILD. Revenge Capricorn is literally clouding their mind and they do not realize that they can break. When he had enough and joined the defense mechanisms, Capricorn will only do on its own, and any dissent with his point of view is considered the enemy. The revenge will not be hot on the trail: Capricorn — those who know how to serve this dish cold.

FROM THE SIDE OF THE TAIL. However, all the above applies to Capricorn, from childhood deprived of love and attention, but Barano-fish that hath horns with youthful tenderness, understanding and care, grow into self-sufficient individuals. They are loyal friends and faithful partners. However, those who are near to Capricorn, it is important to understand that every lie kills boundless confidence and sets a vengeful mood. Then the firmament closes (like a fish), and shows powerful horns (as a RAM). Treachery they don’t forgive.


Causes of pain in the knees a lot, but most often affects the knee joints osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease).

PAIN. Knee pain can be at any age and even in childhood, which may be associated with active growth. Knees also often suffer from excessive loadings.

CRUNCH. Often people are concerned about the crunch in the joints. Feeling uncomfortable, but not always, this crunch is a symptom of a larger problem. If the joint crackles and it does not hurt and does not swell up, then no treatment is not assigned: abnormal this condition is not considered.

SWELLING. But if the knee is swollen, the skin became warm or hot, with boring pain, you should consult a rheumatologist: these signs can be symptoms of the inflammatory process.

ARTHRITIS. “Treatment knees” is not “fertilizer” ointments/gels, as many believe, but first and foremost on the cause. And inflammation of the joints (arthritis) can be many: from infectious diseases to problems in the hormonal field. Will help determine the diagnosis and determine the causes of inspection, ultrasound/MRI or laboratory tests. When and what is decided by the rheumatologist. As soon as the diagnosis is made, it will prescribe medications that help to remove the painful symptoms, but at the same time and deal with the cause. Sometimes you and visits to physicians of other specialties. So, the crunch in the knees can cause problems with the thyroid gland or diabetes. In this case, without a visit to an endocrinologist can’t do. In each case, medicines are selected individually.


Causes of problems with the pancreas, it is no secret, but the list is too diverse. In 70% of cases she is suffering because of man’s love for alcohol, sweets, fatty foods; gallstones and ulcerative diseases, medications, infections and atherosclerosis of the aorta. Can also ruin this gland heredity and Smoking. But in 30% of patients are diagnosed with idiopathic pancreatitis that occurs in the nervous system.

STORY. Symptoms of problems with the pancreas, impressive: girdle pain on the left side that may radiate to the back and lower parts of the thorax. Sometimes the pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Often occurs or intensifies the pain about 30 minutes after a meal. Those who ignore these first signs, appear flatulence, unstable stool, “plastic” fat feces, disturbed function of the breakdown of glucose. The next stage of pancreatitis is the worst: no pain or they become less intense, occur less frequently 2 hours after a meal, be wandering, but the problem is getting worse, and gradually become visible on ultrasound functional changes. Also at this time can be a terrible itching of the whole body or its individual parts/hands/feet. Therefore, your pancreas into the game “Oh it seemed” and “I have no problem” it is better not to play, and the appearance of the first symptoms to immediately consult a gastroenterologist, an ultrasound of the gastrointestinal tract, the General analysis of blood and to pass the faeces to the coprogram (laboratory examination of faeces, which can be used to assess enzyme activity and digestive capacity of the stomach, intestine and pancreas).

FOOD WILL NOT SPOIL. Cure pancreas at the time of exacerbation only drugs (even the best) is impossible. She needs a diet and quite strict: first of all you will have to exclude crude fiber (cabbage, legumes, apples), which contribute to flatulence and irritate the pancreas itself; give up the fruit (except banana). Fruits contain pure sugar that will increase the already high (in acute pancreatitis), the level of glucose in the blood. It is important to remember that the products fructose give the same effect. Therefore, all the vegetables and apples should be baked or stewed for a couple. And all the sweet (from sugar to cakes) should be forgotten. Kefir is also impossible, and low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat yeast. Nuts and seeds are also prohibited. Meat with pancreatitis usually can be lean (Turkey, chicken, rabbit), steamed and baked. Fish are only white and only boiled or steamed. Thus, in the period of exacerbation the basis of the diet be whole-grain cereals without oil and sugar. Will be worsening and begin a normal life, but the rules of power (though not to an absolute extent) you will have to observe life. Also take care of your own pancreas will help you adequate sleep (e.g. from 23:00 to 8:00); sports without overloading the system; the rejection of bad habits and annual profmedosmotr.