The EU relies on a new Gaddafi?

Lebanese politician and scholar Ghassan salamé, the newly appointed UN special envoy for Libya. The vote on his candidacy on 20 June, the Security Council was a difficult one. Powers of his predecessor, a German diplomat Martin the Cobbler (Martin Kobler), were extended until considered candidates for this very responsible and risky position.

For six years in Libya gave way to half a dozen special representatives of the UN. Penultimate was Bernardino Leon (Bernardino León), whose activity has caused a mixed assessment, since even before the completion of their authority, he entered into negotiations with the United Arab Emirates (stakeholder conflict) about their future employment.

Time now a difficult. Talks between the government in Tripoli and the parallel Parliament and government in Tobruk stalled. Parliament and government in Tobruk rely on Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot, ambitious warlord, turned into a defender of the interests of Egypt, and the UAE — each time more and more of the West.

The European Union is trying to sign a contract with the fragile government in Tripoli to stop the flow of migrants from the Libyan coast, but he was quite satisfied that from the territory controlled by Marshal Haftarot, not sailed any boat with migrants. But on the West coast, where vengeance is trafficking in migrants, June 28 some armed group fired and for several hours kept the UN convoy.

The candidacy of Hassan salame was approved by the various Libyan forces, but it is unclear how skillfully he can maneuver in this situation. Khalifa Haftar has significantly strengthened its positions, to establish control over oil production, and thanks to the support of Egypt, who causes his enemies air strikes and the blockade established by Saudi Arabia and the UAE against Qatar’s support of Islamic radicals, who oppose the Haftarot in the West of the country. The Marshal and his companions, in turn, blame Islamic radicals for terrorism.

Salaam was the Minister of culture in Lebanon, the UN in Iraq, the assistant to Kofi Annan and ban Ki-moon. Was Director of research at the National center for scientific research (CNRS), headed the Institute of political studies at the University of Paris, member of the High Council of the Francophonie.

His daughter Lea salame (Cured Lea) is a famous French TV presenter. According to the weekly Jeune Afrique, Emmanuel macron and his three advisers were disciples Salaam. First, UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres (António Guterres) wanted to appoint a special envoy for Libya Salam Fayyad (Salam Fayad), the former Prime Minister of the Palestinian national authority, whose candidacy was blocked by the United States. Do not assign whether now Salaam too close a relationship with France?

Macron has admitted that the military intervention in Libya, which fought Nicolas Sarkozy, was a mistake, and now this country is a priority for France. Opponents of Chapter think that Paris made a bid for Marshall, especially after he expanded the security agreement with Egypt. The Minister of foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian (Jean-Yves Le Drian) said that “migration flows from the Central Mediterranean again became predominant, and in the Libyan state we have no partners.”

In his opinion, the Haftarah is “part of the solution” to the problem. Same thing in Italy. Becoming the first Western country to re-open their embassies in Tripoli, Italy will issue visas to Libyans living in the territory controlled by the Haftarot. The statement was timed to the capture of the troops of Marshal the last leg of Benghazi, which continued to resist them.

But is the Haftarah for peace talks with a weak — but nonetheless recognized by the world community the government of Faiz Saraga (Fayez el Sarraj) and the militias of Misrata, carrying out the actual power in Tripoli? “I doubt it, because he enjoys the unlimited support of Egypt and the UAE and aims to become a new Gaddafi,” — said Mustafa El-Sagizly (Mustafa el Sagezli), the commander of the militia during the revolution of 2011 and the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs in the first transitional government of Mahmoud Jabril (Mahmud Yibril).

A former supporter of Gaddafi, a rebel, and keeping in touch with the CIA, and now with Moscow, the Haftarah is blocking the implementation of the agreement on government of national unity, prepared with the active participation of Martin the Cobbler in December 2015. Toaldo Mattia (Mattia Toaldo), an analyst at the European Council on foreign relations, explains that “the Haftarah does not need the Minister of defense, who was standing above him, he doesn’t want civilians. He will continue to argue that without him it is impossible to agree, and then we’ll have to wait 10 or 20 years, until he dies. Or will we have a peace Treaty, which will not apply to a large number of people in the West of Libya. We need a Treaty that would not cover 60% of the population?”

No Toledo or El Sagely not believe that the Haftarot able to win the civil war, which lasts from 2014, when Haftar launched “operation Dignity” against Islamist militias. As is evident from recent detailed UN report, it was a dirty war in many ways. It took the periodic appearances of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.), which eventually was destroyed in Surt, not troops under the command of Haftarot. Russia also does not believe in the military success of the Marshal, in spite of the reception which was accorded to him on Board the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, came into the port of Tobruk on the way from Syria in January of this year. Toaldo believes that the intentions of Moscow are reduced to only preserve oil contracts it signed under Gaddafi.

As for the US, Donald trump has not appointed a special envoy for Libya (on this post dealt with three of a businessman). “The haftarot he gave to understand the following: if you want to be with us in friendship, do what you say Egypt and the UAE, explains, Toaldo. And they understand that there is no military solution in favour of a diplomatic,” and it is a matter of Salaam.

Mustafa El-Sagizly fears that all will go as decide the Haftarot. El Sagely supervised the disbandment of the revolutionary militia, which was eventually disrupted, and thousands of armed men and their owners plunged the country into violence, smuggling and human trafficking. “West exclaims: Oh, we made a mistake! No, you supported the Libyan people and should not regret it. If you and is something to regret about is that you are helped to rebuild our country. To help Libya to get out of this confusing situation, resulting in the power of the new Gaddafi. He could survive for a short period, but the Libyans once again overthrew him, and we began to perceive the Western countries as enemies because they brought him to power.”

Remains true to Gaddafi — a son, Seif al-Islam, apparently liberated by the militia, which it kept (or protected) and are somewhere in the country. “Haftar will not support him because both want to control Libya, and it is even more confusing situation,” says El-Sagizly. As reported by lawyers for Seif al-Islam, he was going to send a message to the people at the end of Ramadan. Yet said nothing.