The foreign Ministry said any reforms await Ukraine in 2017 in the framework of the EU Association

Ukraine will have to hold in 2017 three reforms envisaged by the Association Agreement with the European Union concerning the procedure of public procurement, the creation of phytosanitary inspection and the Agreement on conformity assessment and acceptance of industrial products (ACAA). This was stated by the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on European integration Elena serkal.

“The Association Agreement recorded the key points, which we have already had to go through. For example, in technical regulation we need to begin negotiations with ACAA. We have to perform 4-5 points in order to open these negotiations, and this is a really important task if we facilitate exports to the EU of industrial products,” – said zerkal.

“The same applies to phytosanitary: we have too long is the procedure for the establishment of the Supervisory authority, its content, and the like. Although we had to do it quickly in order to facilitate the entry of agricultural products to the EU market. These two areas plus government purchases – here are three key points on which we should concentrate in 2017”, – said the Deputy Minister.

However, she expressed the view that in 2017 should start a “movement relative to the ACAA” and to be completed the establishment of the institution, “which will bring together our systems with the European in the fields of veterinary, sanitary that of course will accelerate the withdrawal of our goods to the EU market”.

The Deputy Minister recalled earlier tripartite negotiations with participation of Russia, which also raised these three areas.

“The Russians have concentrated on these areas: sanitary-veterinary, technical standards and regulations. In Moscow, we understood that only we are changing the system, for us the Russian market is getting uninteresting because of the European open,” – said zerkal.

In addition, she expressed hope that in 2017 Ukraine will complete the signing of the agreement with the EU on “open skies”.

“We have reason for optimism. Now Mariano Rajoy (Spanish Prime Minister) promised that they will adhere to the position on the exclusion of small airports from the agreement, and it will remove the problem of Gibraltar and will reveal to us further the movement toward “open skies” – said zerkal, adding that the British side has already given his or her consent.

As reported, Ukraine expects that in early 20017, the Netherlands will ratify the Association Agreement of Ukraine with the European Union.

Recall, the mirror had previously reported that the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands after March 15, 2017 will make to the upper house of Parliament (Senate) for ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

Although the Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte has stated that it intends to promptly propose to the Dutch Parliament to ratify the Association Agreement, based on the adopted at the summit of the EU legally binding decision.