The far-right Le Pen: what you need to know about the Ukrainians, the Pro-Kremlin candidate for the French presidency

Controversial statement of leader of the French “National front” marine Le Pen on the Crimea has stirred up not only the Ukrainian but also the world community. After her words “I don’t believe in the illegal annexation of Crimea”, the security service and the foreign Ministry are considering the possibility to ban Le Pen from entering Ukraine. And this despite the fact that France was one of the sponsors of the draft resolution on human rights in Crimea, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly. Ukrainian and European experts say that the scandalous statement by Le Pen in the Crimea was to Russia to get another loan, because of the French money “National front” is not allowed. But chances are slim because the Kremlin requires the return of the previous loan of 9 million euros, which the “National front” gave Russia at the regional elections.

Policy for marine Le Pen is a family affair. The party “national front”, founded by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen in 1972. In the 2002 presidential election, he came out in the second round, scoring of 16.86% of the vote, but lost to Jacques Chirac, with of 17.79%. In the parliamentary elections, “National front” has managed only once to get into the French National Assembly in 1986 with 35 seats. It was his last best score. After changing the electoral law only after 28 years in 2014 “national front” has received 2 seats in the upper house of the French Parliament.

Jean-Marie Le Pen had a fight with his daughter because of his anti-Semitic statements. His party membership was suspended. Le Pen senior said that he was ashamed that my daughter had his last name. AFP photo

The Le Pen got into politics at age 18, joining the party of his father. Since 2004 was a member of the European Parliament, and in 2015-m headed there faction “Putin’s friends”, which included its “national front” far-right “freedom Party” of the Netherlands, the Italian “Northern League”, the “Austrian freedom party” and the Belgian “Vlaams Belang. By 2011, marine Le Pen became the leader of “National front”.

There was a time when Le Pen was friends with the Ukrainian nationalists. Photo from IN “Freedom”

A year later, Le Pen announced his candidacy for the presidency, finishing third in the first round with 17.9% of the support (at the current President Francois Hollande was 28,63%, Nicolas Sarkozy – 27.18 per cent). She had already announced the withdrawal of France from NATO and the EU, calling for deepening cooperation with Russia.

In the municipal elections in March 2014 “national front” received 7% of votes, exhausted on the third place. But the regional elections a year later, not brought the parties of Le Pen expected results though the opinion polls and given to candidates from the National front, more than 50% support. The national front lost in all the regions. According to the most Le Pen, her party lost because of a massive black PR campaign launched against the National front opponents. She was accused of inciting ethnic hatred and propaganda of the terrorist organization “Islamic state”. French experts say that a serious blow to the reputation of Le Pen and her party, the fact that its regional campaign funded, including Russia.

“Marine Le Pen received 9 million Euro loan to Russia (in 2014, the front national has received a loan from the First Czech-Russian Bank – Ed.). Everyone knows it, although he was decorated using Czech-Russian Bank”, – said the Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people, MP from the PPO Refat Chubarov.

In his opinion, to the statements of Le Pen about the alleged “legal annexation of Crimea” must be treated as purchased by Russian opinion. Chubarov noted that, despite the allegations of the legality of Russia’s actions in Crimea, French politician used the word “annexation” means annexation, therefore, the phrase “fair annexation” – at least, strange.

TOP 5 most colorful and controversial quotes marine Le Pen

About Crimea: “I absolutely do not believe that there were illegal annexation: there was a referendum, people of Crimea wanted to join Russia.”

About the Euro: “Where is the Euro, where prices, taxes and unemployment, reduced wages and pensions, and the citizens become poorer. In Britain, when it created the financial crisis that began the devaluation of the pound sterling, and soon began again economic growth.”

About the EU and NATO: “Frexit (similar to BREXIT – Ed.) part of my policy. People should have the opportunity to vote for the liberation from slavery and blackmail on the part of the technocrats in Brussels and to return the sovereignty of the country. France will remain in NATO. It was created when there was a threat of the Warsaw Pact and the expansion of the Communist Soviet Union. Soviet Union is no more, and no Warsaw Pact. Washington supports the existence of NATO to serve its objectives in Europe.”

About Russia: “there is No reason to be afraid. We have friends in Russia, and we have a very long relationship, and historically they are based on friendship. Russia is a European country with which it is wiser to negotiate and conclude agreements on cooperation”.

About Putin: “For me, the model, defended Putin is a rational protectionism, providing care for the interests of their country, protecting its unity. This model is correct, and in my native France.”

Experts believe that such statements marine Le Pen of the Crimea addressed primarily Russia. In February last year, she appealed to the Kremlin for another loan in the amount of € 27 million on the presidential campaign. But her request was not granted. Moreover, the Russian Agency for Deposit insurance filed the claim with the requirement to repay the debt of the bankrupt “First Czech-Russian Bank” on the loan to marine Le Pen for 9 million euros. Now marine Le Pen’s statements about the Crimea as a hint to the Kremlin for another loan, because of the French “national front” refuse to lend. “No French Bank has agreed to give me credit for the conduct of the election campaign”, – said recently Le Pen, calling it a “political gesture on the part of French financial institutions.” In this case, according to her, her party forced to seek financing outside France. To do this, she contacted several banks in Europe, USA and Russia.

While the “national front” solves its financial problems, the SBU has already sent a letter to the foreign Ministry with a request to prohibit the entry of marine Le Pen for her remarks about the Crimea. The foreign Ministry has already warned Le Pen, her, such statements will have consequences.

“Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses its indignation at the fact that one of the candidates election campaign in France, marine Le Pen made statements in support of the temporary occupation and attempted annexation by Russia of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. Making statements that completely repeat the Kremlin’s propaganda, the French politician shows disrespect to sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and completely ignores the fundamental principles of international law. In this regard, we remind you that such statements and acts in violation of Ukrainian legislation will necessarily have consequences, as it was in the case of certain French politicians who are banned entry to Ukraine”, – reads the statement of the MFA of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, MPs of the parliamentary friendship group Ukraine-France in an interview with “Segodnya” supported the idea of security.

“I think it is absolutely adequate, because according to this logic, France is generally necessary for Germany to join if we are going to talk about the history and all those things she described. Is a politician who is an absolute puppet of the Kremlin and makes these statements as the mouthpiece of the Kremlin. I think it’s absolutely normal position (SBU – Ed.) if we do (ban the entry of Le Pen in Ukraine – Ed.)”, said “Segodnia” he was a member of Parliament, inter-parliamentary relations with France, the people’s Deputy from BPP Oksana Yurynets.

Member of the parliamentary Committee on foreign Affairs, the people’s Deputy from BPP Vladimir Aryev fully shares the view of Oksana Yurynets. “What she says about the recognition of the so-called referendum in the Crimea, in the same way we can speak about recognition of the so-called referendum on the territory of Alsace, which was conducted by Nazi Germany. And by this logic, it turns out that Alsace and Lorraine belong to Germany. I think that in the modern world, this logic is simply criminal, and the proliferation of such things in principle should have a certain reaction. The consequences of the criminal actions of Hitler, who conducted the referendum in Alsace, we know,” said “Segodnia” the Aryans.

Yet, according to some Ukrainian experts and deputies, the Ukrainian authorities should establish relations with the right-wing opposition to the current French government policy, as they are in the lead in presidential election race. That has not turned out as with the US presidential elections, when Ukraine was set to win, Hillary Clinton, and won the Donald trump. According to recent opinion polls, the leader of the French right-wing and centrist former Prime Minister Francois Fillon in the second round of the presidential elections will bypass the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen. For Fillon ready to vote 26%, Le Pen – 24%.

Though Fillon and to a lesser extent than marine Le Pen, but the Pro-Russian politician. And, as wrote earlier “Segodnia”, France – party talks in the Normandy format and the outcome of the presidential election will determine who will represent France at the negotiating table on Ukraine. In the case of the coming to power of the Fillon or Le Pen to replace the current foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault can come the same Pro-Russian diplomat, who will sing the tune of the Kremlin. On the other hand, the French experts and analysts do not exclude that marine Le Pen may suffer the same fate as in the regional elections when the polls have given her high ratings, and in the second round her party suffered a crushing defeat.