Interesting facts about money (video)

Edition collected unusual and surprising information about money.

1. “Penny” originates from the reign of Ivan the terrible. He ordered to coin “money copain” with his image.

2. At different times in the form of money used by different items that could be of value to people of a particular era. It was tile tea, and cocoa beans, and dried fish, and fertilizer, and stones.

3. Money, made of plastic, today are the residents of Australia and some countries of the southern hemisphere.

4. The heaviest gold coin was issued in China. Her weight was 5 pounds.

5. The heaviest silver coin was issued in Russia in 1999. Its weight is 3 kilograms.

6. In Canada it was released 25 000 unique coins, one side of which depict dinosaurs. In the darkness shone their skeleton. Unfortunately, turnover such money was not hit.

7. To the new bill characteristic abrasion on the bend, to fold her 4 thousand times.

8. For a major banking transactions in England there is a banknote in 1 million pounds sterling.

9. The most common currency in the world – Frank. It is used in 34 countries.

10. The most popular dollar bills in the USA – 1 and $ 20. And in the world more common 100-dollar bills.

11. The very first money in the paper appeared in China in the year 812.

12. Interesting facts about money allow you to delve into the history of human development. The icon “$” was coined in 1788 by Oliver Pollock.

13. In the United States of America the law forbids to draw on the money of the living.

14. Alexander the great is considered the first ruler who ordered to mint coins with his image.

15. The heaviest coin was the last in the XVIII century in Sweden. It weighed 19 pounds.

16. The names of many currency units are derived from measures of weight. Sterling in the past called silver coin, and 240 of these coins were weight one pound. Hence – and the pound sterling of great Britain. Lira is the equivalent of a pound. Mark (a little easier lbs) was also used to determine the weight of silver.

17. The first bills in Canada were playing cards.

18. The first ATM appeared in 1939.

19. Ancient Greek dekadrachm – the most expensive coin in the world. At auction in Zurich it was sold for 314 thousand dollars.

20. Until the mid XX century in some African countries, people used cattle as currency.

21. In the middle of the XX in Belgium in circulation were coins with advertising text.

22. Bronze coins of Ancient China were cast in the form of instruments of labor.

23. In the XVI century in Venice was circulated coin with a very interesting title – “newspaper”.

24. Until 1826 in circulation was the money made from the skin of a seal. Today, even one of a kind antique coin costs the same as a piece of gold of the same weight.

25. Probably, coin collect all children of the world. As a rule, then they spent on treats and toys. But in Japan from coins collected by children, were poured peace bell. One of them was installed in new York.

26. There is evidence that in the Dominican Republic, the money is still used as weights for weighing. For simplicity and convenience of the 10-cent coin is engraved the symbol “10 grams”.


The most expensive coin in the world – the American silver dollar “Flowing Hair.” The coin was minted in America, the mint of the state of Philadelphia, in 1794. This coin was sold at auction and is considered the most expensive coin in the world. Its the price at which it was sold at auction makes record $ 7 850 000$. All were released in 1794, only 2000 coins and 242 of which because of the very poor quality of the coinage was melted.

The coin is silver dollar “Flowing Hair” rightly tops the ranking of the most expensive coin in history. This is an absolute record for the sale of the coins from the auction. She is the unattainable dream of every numismatist, collector, the truth about this coin in your collection you can not even dream of. Incidentally, one of the fifteen dollar coins with the image of Liberty with flowing hair, released a limited edition in 1804, in 2008, was sold for $3 725 000, so that the coin 1794 — not the first application in the list of the most valuable coins history for auction in recent years. This delightful dollar rightly bears the name “the most expensive coin in the world.”