Serhiy Rebrov has named the first rookie in training camp Dynamo

Four days before the release of Dynamo from vacation the team’s head coach Serhiy Rebrov has all the thoughts in the work plan for the preparatory period and the second part of the season.

– On work I missed, though I can’t say that vacation didn’t do anything. I think any coach, any player can relax, lie on the beach, five days a week maximum, and then begins the so-called active rest. But a reboot is certainly needed.

Training camp is a very crucial moment, during which nothing can be missed. Before, during my playing career, it was thought that in training camp, it is important to lay a Foundation of preparedness, but time does not stand still. During this long period the coach becomes possible not only to prepare the players physically, but in order to explain to the players what you want from them. To try to convey to them how to be a team on the field, what one’s role is and how to run properly. But to give a large chunk of physical work is probably very simple.

When we do adjust, and now, when our fans expect from us a more vivid game spent enough time analyzing what happened. Why exactly this happened. Why on the same piece of the season last year we had 12 passed balls, and now – 28…

We are constantly working on tactics, but in the last time, we left a lot of foreign artists. However, now all teams of Ukraine a similar situation, and a chance to show themselves is to the young guys who have the desire to work and desire to learn. We also all hope for our doubles, and we give them the opportunity to show themselves. In Spain they will be based near the first team, and we plan to view every game as well as some exercise. If necessary, you can always attract the “core” we need the performer. As for the newcomers at the camp at the moment can give the name of the Roman Yaremchuk. For the rest of the guys decide now – said Sergei Rebrov in an interview with the newspaper “Team”.