How to cope with temperature extremes: TOP 5 tips

Temperature swings, humidity level and atmospheric pressure are fraught with unpleasant and sometimes even painful sensations.

How to protect yourself and to help the body cope with such irregular, knows Lisa.

Migraines and headaches

Completely eliminate from the diet of red wine and coffee, in fact, combined with increasing temperature, these products often provoke headaches. During this period, have to sleep for an hour or two longer to avoid stressful situations. Helps massage of the head and neck.

When shortness of breath, feeling short of breath and General weakness

Need to define normal blood pressure, to do this, talk to your doctor. If the pressure is below normal, drink coffee, strong tea and generally more fluid. Preferably several times a day to take a contrast shower (if no contraindications).

During exacerbation of allergic reactions and asthma

Limit the amount of citrus fruits, tomatoes, chocolate and coffee in the diet. Pick a doctor with an antihistamine that will help the most painless to survive the first days of adaptation to the new weather conditions.

If you have symptoms of diseases of musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, radiculitis, diseases of joints)

Often during the cold snap, on the drafts especially when combined with high humidity are a series of spasms of the back muscles. Naturally, when irregularities in the structure of the spine, hernias, etc. appears trapped spinal nerves.

Usually a doctor prescribes the means of relaxing muscle and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Also in the fight against meteopathy can help you:

1. Moderate physical activity, i.e. Jogging, walking, swimming. Please note: the nature of physical activity should take into account your condition. For example, is extremely unprofitable to do yoga for pain in the joints or lift weights with a herniated disc.

2. Complete and balanced nutrition. Eliminate foods that provoke allergic reactions and migraine. Especially harmful underfed or overeating.

3. A full night’s sleep. And it is important to choose the right mattress on which you sleep. Sometimes high-quality orthopedic mattress helps to cope with weather dependent.

4. The rejection of bad habits. Smoking and drinking alcohol will only worsen the condition.

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