When roaming with the EU will be free for Ukrainians

With the introduction of bezveza calls from Europe to Ukraine and Vice versa can be cheaper. Our government said that talks with the EU about the abolition of fees for mobile roaming — the ability to use the phone outside of the service area of his mobile operator. Europe, in turn, is prepared to abolish roaming charges within its borders from June 15. “Today,” found, can decrease rates of local operators and whether they are ready to take this step.

OUR RATES. Operators, while cautious regarding roaming with Europe, noting that its prices and so reduced. Press Secretary of “Vodafone Ukraine” Viktoriya Pavlovskaya told us that since June 11, two months to halve the cost of roaming services for their subscribers in 16 countries in Europe, the most popular among tourists: Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Ireland, UK, Greece, Netherlands, Malta, Albania, Romania, and Turkey.

Price of minute of conversation depends on the cost of the package: in the budget the rate of the cost of a week of roaming in any of the 16 evrostran — 60 UAH. For them, the subscriber receives in a week, 100 minutes for calls on numbers of Vodafone and incoming calls to any numbers, 120 MB Internet and 100 SMS. What will happen to rates further, Vodafone did not specify.

In “Kyivstar” explain that if the negotiations with the Ukrainian authorities telecomrelated EU will be successful and the amount of roaming from Ukraine will increase, this will be the impetus for review of roaming tariffs. “The last time we hear that will be abolished roaming charges in the EU, but just to be clear, June 15, subscribers of operators of the EU will be able to use Telekomunikasi roaming tariffs home networks, but not for free, explained to us the employee a press-services “Kyivstar” Irina Lelichenko. — “Kyivstar” will be welcome if our telecomrelated can convince europeradio to reduce wholesale rates for international traffic for Ukraine, it will serve as an impetus for the revision of roaming tariffs”.

While Kyivstar offers pack “Free roaming” in which minute call in the EU is from 2 UAH, SMS from 1 UAH (from the account immediately removed 30 UAH and 60 UAH, depending on the country, 15 minutes of calls a day, or 25 UAH 25 SMS). And promotional package “Try roaming”, where the subscribers will receive bonuses that you can use for services mobsvyazi abroad.

PR-Director of “Ukrtelecom” Mikhail Shuranov explained to us that in Europe the highest average revenue per subscriber (20-30 euros per month) allows operators to offset the costs of calls to other networks: “In Ukraine, the revenue per subscriber is among the lowest in the world due to the small volume of calls in the EU, so euroamericana are reluctant to reduce tariffs, with the exception of the most popular destinations”.

OPINIONS. Experts do not yet believe in the reduction of tariffs for roaming, because the relationship we have and it is cheaper than in Europe. “The package of services we can cost 3-4 euros per month, while in the EU — 30-40 euros — explained to us the expert of Mikhail Savitsky. — We are reluctant to reduce the payment for the traffic, because its volume with the EU is small. But with the introduction of bezveza it will grow, and our operators will be easier to bargain. This can happen in two or three years.”

Seasoned travelers do not hope for operators. “Modern phones and instant messengers allow you to communicate using only the Internet, which is available for free at railway stations, airports and every other hotel in the EU”, — told us the traveler Vitaly plahotniuc.