How to live in the coldest place on earth?

Oymyakon is a small village situated on the banks of the river Indigirka, in North-Eastern Republic of Sakha (Eastern Siberia, Russia). This place is located near Yakutsk, which is considered to be the coldest settlement on the planet, in 1993, the temperature dropped to 71.2 °C.

However, Oymyakon is even colder. The average temperature per year is -50 ºC. The winter is harsh and lasts 9 months. Fish freezes in just 30 seconds after it pulled out of the river. Fish, like milk (it is always in a frozen state) stored in the basements of houses. Fuel in public transport stops, if you turn off the engine.

The lower the temperature is only in Antarctica: -91 °C, but there is, of course, no one lives there except scientists.

Living in New Zealand photographer Amos Chapple (Amos Chapple) decided to make a two-day journey from Yakutsk, which is considered the coldest city on the planet to capture daily life in Oymyakon.

“When we first went outside, I wore pants of a thin fabric. The air temperature was 47° C. I Remember how the cold seeped into my feet and watched in amazement as sometimes the saliva froze and turned into icicles hanging from my lips,” said the photographer portal

He recalls that the biggest problem was not cold as such, but that the focus and zoom his camera was jammed because of the cold. It was there that he experienced what it means to live in such extreme conditions.

Oymyakon, ironically means “unfrozen water”, because nearby are the sources of thermal waters. Initially, these places were used only by herders, vyasemski their flocks near warm springs.

For Oymyakon leads the “Road of bones”, the only one in the area. The dogs here are very thick fur, which protects them from the cold. Most of the toilets are outside, because the frozen ground makes it impossible to lay pipes under the ground.

Local herdsmen are driving at night, cows in the warm barn. Cars can be kept only in garages with heating. If left on the street, then you need not turn off the engine. Otherwise, re-start it will be extremely difficult.