In Ukraine, an outbreak of bird flu

The state service for food safety and consumer protection announced it is taking measures to “prevent the spread of avian flu” in Chernivtsi and Odessa regions.

In the village Chortoryia (Chernivtsi region) and Peaceful village (Odessa region) documented cases of mass deaths of domestic and wild birds, according to “Gordon” with reference to the state service for food safety and consumer protection.

In Cartarie highly pathogenic bird flu was detected in swans 1 Jan. January 3 employees of sanitary services have also recorded cases of death of chickens.

“In the hearth of the disease, the measures for containment and prevention of spread of avian influenza,” – said in the civil service.

In addition, the case of mass death of chickens and geese recorded on the farm in the Peaceful village of Odessa region. According to the sanitary services, died 1099 birds 10 of 251, contained in the household.

Clinical studies have confirmed that the death of animals caused by the avian influenza virus.