Ministers in Ukraine should receive no less than 100 thousand UAH per month – Gerashchenko

Salaries of civil servants in Ukraine should be much higher than those established at the present time. This opinion was expressed by MP Anton Gerashchenko, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

“I believe that a little (the current level of wages – Ed.). I believe that our citizens should understand that the salaries of the Prime Minister in the amount of one thousand dollars is just a fake. And the salaries of civil servants should be high enough to be able to come to work professionals, lawyers, economists, specialists who would work without getting wages in envelopes or by making up a where, where, from whom to take bribes, and who would have worked on salary. Other way simply does not exist,” he said.

Gerashchenko also said the best, in his opinion, the salary for the Minister. “I believe that the salary of the Minister should be in the region of 100 thousand UAH. It is at least as consistent with the General level of the situation in Ukraine”, – said the MP.

Note, the Ukrainian government Ministers receive about the same wages with the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, the rate is 35 thousand hryvnia per month. This was announced by the Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Volodymyr Bondarenko.

According to him, employees of the Secretariat of the Cabinet receive from 9 to 12 thousand hryvnia per month, heads of departments from 12 to 15 thousand hryvnia.