Where to watch movies and TV shows online: named the most popular movie websites among Ukrainians

Sites where you can watch a movie online, visit 7.6 million Ukrainian users on personal computers on a monthly basis, which corresponds to 41.7% of the total Internet audience of the country.

This is stated in the study “Gemius Ukraine.”

According to analysts, users most frequently visit Kinogo.co – 4.3 million people visited the site in October 2016 (23.4% of the total Internet audience). Second place went to the website EX.UA which was visited by 2.9 million Internet users (15.9 per cent). The next three places in the Ukrainian ranking are Megogo.net 2.2 million, or 12.1%, My-hit.org 2 million, 10.8% Seasonvar.ru 1.6 million (8.7 percent).

Analysis of the socio-demographic portrait of the Ukrainians, attending online cinema, has shown that this is, first and foremost, young people: 62,1% are users between 14 and 34 years. The share of other age groups among the viewers of these sites are significantly lower: audience aged 35 to 44 years is 19.2%, while users between 45 and 54 years on the sites of 10.4%, and users over 55 years is only 8.3%. Among fans of online cinemas dominated by people from the most numerous group (35,7%) consist of polzovali of cities with population over 500 thousand residents, users of the villages account for 20.7 per cent. Among the visitors online movie theaters observed a gender balance: men on the websites of 49.8% and women is 50.2%.

As it turned out, the biggest group of fans movies online is higher education: 35.3% of the audience have higher education. One in five users working on the position of the specialist, and every fourth student.

We will remind that on November 16, Ukraine’s largest file sharing EX.UA announced the decision to stop working. Therefore, the resource has responded to the law on state and movie piracy on the Internet (No. 3081-e). However, in 2017, the service EX-files re-launched on the domain FEX.NET (File EXchange Network).