Forecasters predict record-breaking warming: how to escape the heat

Every year thousands of Ukrainians are solar and thermal shocks. This week, as forecasters predict, it is expected hot and dry weather. The thermometer throughout the country will rise above 30 degrees Celsius. In the first half of the week the temperature will reach a record this year the mark of 37 degrees. The website “Today” figured out how to escape the heat.

At risk, according to the Director of the Zaporozhye health Center Julia shpon’ko are pensioners, sick in cardiovascular disease, Ukrainians are overweight, the factory workers and miners. Heat stroke, says the doctor, you can get in a stuffy room, and sun – exposed to the sun’s rays. “In the hot season, from 10 to 19 hours, you can’t be on the street. We see in trolley buses and trams, hundreds of seniors, where they go, I can not understand. We regularly conduct preventive conversations, asking people not to leave the house in this weather. And people still go in this heat in buses, working in suburban areas. Then you lose consciousness and call “ambulance”, – says the doctor.

If, as a result of heat stroke the skin is dry and the patient does not sweat, it is necessary to call “ambulance”, says the medic. The first signs of heat stroke: redness, dizziness, tinnitus and headache. Often, in order to bring “patient” in a sense, it is enough to move it in a cool place, giving water and wet the face.

If a person has had a sunstroke, an ambulance must be called in any case. “In sunstroke the blood in the head, blood vessels dilate. Because of this, in case the vessel bursts, this could lead to malfunctions of the Central nervous system. If a person has had a sunstroke, it is necessary to call “fast,” advises a doctor.

Advice physician:

Eat vegetables and fruits. In hot weather it is better to refuse from eating greasy, spicy food. You should also limit the consumption of sweets. These foods increase perspiration.

To give up coffee and strong tea. In addition to water and fruit drinks, you can drink green tea. Alcohol heat doctors recommend to refuse in General. Can’t drink beer (it dehydrates the body) and sweet fizzy drinks.

To carry non-carbonated water. The water should be at room temperature. You can drink it every half an hour, but in small SIPS. Water can also moisten the cloth and wipe the face.

Dressed in bright. The clothing should be made of natural materials such as flax. A wardrobe must – Panama, cap or straw hat. Headpiece will save from sunstroke.

Not to go out between 10 to 19 hours. If possible, go outside (and even on the beach) should be before 10 or after 19 hours. Especially dangerous is in the sun from 11 to 13 hours.

The darkness will save you from the heat. In the house the Windows can be hung dark curtains or blinds. If the solar rays do not enter the room, it can be 2-3 degrees cooler.
With the spray can enhance the humidity in the room. You can also wet a handkerchief and put them on his shoulders.