Why the Kremlin has twice raised the price of victory?

The Kremlin made another “new interpretation” of history: the USSR lost in world war II, not 20 million and not even the 27 million people and 42 million people! This was recently stated in the state Duma a Deputy Nicholas Zemstvo, having the status of the chief of the action “Immortal regiment”. Concepts and RF is the signal to start the canonization process the number 42 million as the official, final and irrevocable.

A record 43 million from the end of the 1990s tried to lobby for the historian Boris Sokolov, but he long time did not receive approval from the Kremlin, so as not to spoil the image of Stalin as “effective Manager”. Stalin himself in March 1946 in an interview with the newspaper “Pravda” said: the Soviet Union lost in the war, 7 million, 2 million less than Germany. “Effective leader and Manager” could not allow the Soviet Union lost more than Germany, otherwise I would have a question about the effectiveness of his and Zhukov.

And lived the Soviet people with faith in those 7 million dead, all clearly proving the superiority in the military excellence of the Soviet system and of communism over ideologically and socially backward Germany. Lived until Nikita Khrushchev in 1961 could talk to the Swedes that the Soviet Union lost 20 million people. Three times more than legalized Stalin, and twice more than he lost backward Reich on all fronts from 1939 Ideological Soviet people thought: Khrushchev again light blackens the face of Stalin, but in 1965 Brezhnev summed up their doubts. For the 20th anniversary of the victory, he announced: lost 20 million people. Easy to remember — 20 years and 20 million Since 1965 propagandists tirelessly worked hard to ensure that this figure learned all — from school children to veterans, and in the international arena envoys of the USSR pathetic broadcast: bourgeois, you on a life coffin will owe us for these 20 million lives. We are the main victors of Hitler, and then more politely asked for any preferences.

This continued up until Gorbachev started a new company the exposure of Stalin, which has required a new illustration about how we were lied to. For this purpose, the number of victims has decided to increase, especially that of Germany and Austria promised to pay compensation to deported to work in the Reich, and otherwise to benefit the Soviet Union if it withdraws its troops from the GDR and the countries of the Warsaw Pact. Promised to build even house officers who withdraw from the GDR. So the death toll should be increased for internal and external use. Gorbachev spoke about 26 million dead, created in 1988, the Commission of Colonel General Grigori Krivosheev counted by 1993 27 million then the figure of 27 million have become embedded in the minds, but slowly, in the 1990s the Russian population was nervous, and there was a war with the Chechens.

In 1993, also published a book scientists-demographers, have long worked in the state statistical Committee of the USSR — E. M. Andreev, L. E. Darskii, Kharkiv, T. L. “population of the Soviet Union: 1922-1991”. According to their estimates, the population of the USSR in June 1941 amounted to 195 million 222 thousand In January 1946, about 172 million Difference, that is, the loss due to the war amounts to about 23 million But was noticed by the historian-demographer Viktor Zemskov from this figure it is necessary to exclude natural mortality that is not related to war. In the end, he went on a figure of 16 million in direct losses from the war. He also noted a trend record of Soviet citizens killed by Stalin on account of Hitler to raise the price of the victory.

Now the Kremlin has gone to double digits, referring to some “declassified” data of the USSR state planning Committee. In Russian history, again, “declassified”, but “classified” sources do not show. Promotion new figures busy professional PR Kremlin United Russia Deputy and head of the “Immortal regiment” Nicholas Zemstvo. The party ordered to make another “scientific discovery”.

First, the sudden discovery of a 22 million nameless dead, no doubt, will be the great Russians, to the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Jews and all others shut up once and for all with his part in the victory, suppressed this figure. Secondly, when the world more and more people starts to hate Russian imperialism, the Kremlin has decided to strengthen its previous policy of blackmail by the number of deaths, doubling it. If to it to add the number of children not born because of the war, it will be possible to catch up with a figure of up to 60-80 million expected by the method, but not the profits.

A new wave of paleobase to the Kremlin to switch the attention of the Russian population with this dull for a mythologized past is not only strategic, but in short the tactical aspect, – one of the semifinals of the Eurovision song contest will be held may 9. Vicious comments on this Moscow propaganda is not difficult to imagine, the more so that Russia refused to participate in Eurovision, provocative violating all basic norms of decency. You might think: in Russia on may 9, never concerts, and all of its population tied off with black ribbons and the whole day at cemeteries.

All this is the usual hypocrisy of the Russians, victory Day, roughly celebrate those who fought, and on February 23 those who in the Soviet army did not serve. With portraits of soldiers start to proudly walk the streets only when they were extinct, but in life Rob them — in 1948 Stalin deprived the soldiers of surcharge of 5 cents per medal, and 15 rubles for the order. But this fact, as the abolition of Stalin’s day on may 9 in the USSR and the Russian Federation had “not disclosed”. It is not surprising that half of Russians proud of Stalin, once a year, at war with the Germans and takes the Reichstag, and on the other days, berates and kills the “Bandera” and seeks “national traitors” in their ranks. Moral decay and degradation half of Russians had reached the limit. Alas, it seems that this half is already incurable.