Scientists figured out how to save diabetics from daily injections

Scientists from the University of Birmingham (UK) came up with “smart” nanocapsules, which are expected soon will be able to drastically make life easier for patients with diabetes of the first type, reports The Telegraph.

These capsules will travel on blood system of the body, and in the case of higher sugar levels and automatically release insulin. Researchers have already discovered a molecule that responds to glucose. Of them it is planned to create the shell of the container which will collapse under the influence of sugar, thereby releasing insulin.

Today diabetics of the first type have to check the blood sugar several times a day using portable testers and, if necessary, to make yourself insulin injections. This creates many restrictions, especially for kids whose parents can’t leave unattended for long.

Scientists suggest that their “smart” capsules have to enter the body not more than once a week, and during that time they will gradually disintegrate.

Over the next five years must pass the tests of the drug on animals, after which it will put on people.