The police said the details on the attack on Pashinsky

Law enforcement agencies opened criminal proceedings against the men who attacked the people’s Deputy Sergey Pashinsky with force. It has been stated by the TV channel “112 Ukraine” the speaker of the police in the Kiev region, Nikolai Zhukovich.

The police said that the detainee already had problems with the law, in particular because of drawing people injuries.

“I would like to say about the assailant. As we found out, he already had problems with the law. It has caused people injuries, and were opened against him are criminal proceedings. Now he is in the hospital, give him adequate medical care. But note that after the Deputy shot the attacker, he took off his belt and tied his leg to stop the bleeding. That is, provided emergency care until the ambulance and police,” said Zhukovich.

As reported Sergey Pashinsky, New year’s eve he was attacked by a man as a result of the incident in the forest and stabbed him with a bottle, to which the MP replied with a firearm.