The plane sent from the US, Russian diplomats arrived in Moscow

The plane sent from the US, Russian diplomats arrived in Moscow. They brought a special Board of airline “Russia” — the official carrier of the President and members of the government.

35 employees of Russian institutions on Thursday was declared persona non grata in the United States. Within 72 hours they and members of their families — 96 people — had to leave the United States.

“Last new year’s eve, they [the expelled employees] spent without sleep and rest, stacking the Luggage and parallel to the “closing” tails Willy-nilly for years of life acquire household obligations upon departure require attention,” he wrote on his Facebook page the employee of the Russian Embassy in Washington Yuriy Melnyk, describing the departure of colleagues.

On 29 December, Washington announced new sanctions against Russia in connection with attacks during the election campaign in the United States.

In the sanctions list added six individuals and five organizations, including the FSB, and the command of the GRU — the chief of the GRU Igor Korobov and his first Deputy. In addition, the U.S. government banned Russian diplomats to visit the two rural residence, stating that these residences were used for reconnaissance.

President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will not respond symmetrically to the U.S., although it is accepted in diplomatic practice. In a statement published on the Kremlin website, said that all American diplomats can stay in Russia, and their children can visit the Christmas tree in the Kremlin. His decision, Putin explained the unwillingness to stoop to the “kitchen” of diplomacy.

The US President-elect Donald trump, who takes office January 20, has called this move by Putin was “very smart.”