New US sanctions against Russia — a poisoned gift to Trump?

Beijing — Despite the fact that Russia repeatedly declared innocence of Moscow to the cyber attacks on American political institutions, leaving the US administration introduced on Thursday new sanctions against Russia in response to the so-called pernicious cyberactivist Russia and “harassment” of American diplomats in Russia.

The sanctions, the Kremlin called the manifestation of aggressive foreign policy. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia categorically does not agree with the false accusations of the USA in Moscow. On Washington’s sanctions, according to him, will be given an adequate response in the direction set by the head of state. The Kremlin also hopes that after the change of power in Washington, “crooked steps” of the Cabinet of Barack Obama will be corrected and the two countries will be able to reach a normalization of relations.

Senator Alexei Pushkov believes that the decision of the administration of current US President Obama to impose new sanctions against Russia — a poisoned gift to an elected Donald Trump.

According to analysts, the United States imposition of new sanctions is another barrier that Obama has built in the restoration of the property trump’s relations with Russia.

The future President trump is considered to be sympathetic to Russia. During the election campaign, he spoke friendly to the Russian Federation. On 14 November, during a three-hour telephone conversation, Putin and trump confirmed the desire to improve bilateral relations and expressed readiness to cooperate on a number of issues.

It should be noted that between Russia and the USA there is greater disagreement and confrontation on several significant issues such as NATO expansion to the East, the problems in Ukraine and Syria.

However, the motives of improving inter-state relations are also apparent. Analysts pointed out that the priority work of D. trump after coming to power will be the resolution of the internal Affairs of the country, it is possible to reduce strategic weapons placed in Europe, the US and the middle East. Easing relations with Russia would do more good than harm.

At the same time Russia is also not configured to fight the United States. As stated by Vladimir Putin in early December in his annual address to the Federal Assembly, Russia is ready to have a serious conversation about building a sustainable system of international relations of the XXI century. The President expressed readiness to cooperate with the new us administration, noting that the cooperation between Russia and the United States in addressing global and regional issues in the interests of the whole world. “It is important to normalise and develop bilateral relations on equal and mutually beneficial basis,” — said Vladimir Putin.

Analysts pointed out that cooperation and consultations between Russia and the United States are an unavoidable necessity in the fight against terrorism, combating the refugee crisis in Europe, the protection of cyber security and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Both countries have experience in the management and control of crisis situations, accumulated during the cold war. There is confidence that, despite the existence of numerous contradictions, the parties will be able to refrain from crossing the “red line”.