The lawyer explained why Interpol can’t arrest Yanukovych

The ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych will not take the risk and travel outside Russia, and Moscow in turn it will not. This opinion in comments to the edition “GORDON” the political scientist, expert on criminal law and corruption problems, doctor of legal Sciences Nikolay havronyuk.

According to him, even if the former guarantor will be in the international wanted list, Russia will not be given.

“To argue that the attempts of criminals guilty of our law enforcement agencies, I can’t. At the moment this decision means that none of the member countries of the Interpol will not detain Yanukovych. He now thrives in Russia and understands that the Interpol can change. And if that happens, when he will travel from Russia, can detain him. So risk it will not. Whatever the decision of the Interpol wanted Yanukovych, Russia still will not give. So we from this decision neither cold nor hot,” – concluded Havronyuk.

He also added that the decision of the court in the case of treason Yanukovych will not affect the position of Interpol.

As reported yesterday in the national police, international criminal police organization (Interpol) withdrew from the investigation Department of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and his son Oleksandr and former Secretary of the national security Council and the head of AP Andriy Klyuyev and MP Oleksandr Onishchenko.

In turn, the PGO said that the decision of Interpol on the withdrawal from the international search Viktor Yanukovych will be appealed.

But Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko considers that this is not the end. He described two ways how to solve the problem with the wanted by Interpol VIP fugitives Yanukovych and his associates.