Karavayev: “financial conditions “Fenerbahce” didn’t you get a team of this level”

Midfielder Donetsk “Shakhtar” Alexander Karavaev, speaking in the rent in Lugansk “Dawn”, told about the offer from Fenerbahce, of involvement in the negotiations and motivation to Express themselves in a new team.

– Alexander, the official site of “Dawn” announced your move to Fenerbahce. You are a player of the Turkish team?

– Not yet, although really it was announced that between Zorya, Shakhtar and me agreed to this transition.

– When traveling in Turkey?

– Probably in the next week. After you have signed a contract, then officially become a player of Fenerbahce.

– On the proposal of the Turks thought long?

– Never thought. Agreed without hesitation.

– You played in “the Dawn”, but the contract belongs to Shakhtar. The negotiations were complicated?

– Of course, without the participation of all parties to resolve this issue was impossible. Most of the work in the negotiations were led by my agent. Although I also was in contact with leaders of “Dawn” and “miner”. In the end, after two weeks after I received the offer, the clubs have agreed.

– Zarya was not trying to hold you back before the end of the lease term?

– Of course, they would want a first team player left in the team, especially because I was in the team for a long time. But the club understood that it was a big step forward and let. Moreover, even before our games in the Europa League Yuri Vernidub said that the European Cup is our chance to Express themselves and to draw the attention of other clubs. So, if anyone get a proposal to keep will not. “The dawn” thank you for understanding of the situation.

Shakhtar quickly agreed to the terms Fenerbahce?

I don’t know, but the Pitmen, as far as I know, too, were ready to let me go because the club President gave the go-ahead for talks with Fenerbahce. Everyone understands that this club is one of the leading in Turkey, and to try to show themselves in a team – this is a good chance for a player from the Ukrainian Premier League.

Fonseca didn’t invite you to training camp with the team?

– No, even earlier there were talks that prepare for the season in training camp with one team and then play in the championship for another, not very good. This affects the player and the team that spends the fees without the need of the player. So the decision was made to end the lease term to be in “the Dawn”.

– “Fenerbahce” you will have a full contract?

Yet these moments are unknown to me. I know when I sign a contract already with Fenerbahce.

– Financial conditions from the Turkish club want?

– Do not think about it and did not ask about the salary. Most importantly, a chance to get such a high level. Fenerbahce is one of the leading clubs of Turkey, with its rich history and strong players, regularly playing in the UEFA Cup. Therefore, first think about what you can take a step forward in my career.