What signs indicate a heart condition

Various heart diseases in our time are placed in the hospital, even young people. A weak heart never declares itself sharply. About is wrong always warn many signals of the body, which is, alas, not all and not always paying attention. What signs tell you that the heart needs to be careful? Let’s see, writes medic.ua.

Sleep apnea

Breathing pauses during sleep and snoring occur due to diseases of the heart and thus exacerbates it. In apnea, the brain loses oxygen, impaired blood circulation and the complicated work of the heart and impair cardiorythm.

Yellow-orange rash

Extremely high levels of triglycerides can cause the appearance on the skin around the finger joints of the hands and feet rash yellow-orange color, similar to small white bumps. The presence of this symptom means that your blood vessels are cholesterol deposits and it is fraught with cardiovascular diseases, particularly stroke.

Weakness in the hands

Weakness in the hands and poor grip may also indicate problems with the heart. Studies show that the high force of the press means a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and low – on the contrary.

Bruising under the nails

Small bruises under the nails, provided that you never hit, can indicate an infection in the heart called endocarditis. The same spots appear in diabetes, which is also a trigger.


Dizziness is often a direct symptom of heart problems, because it is not pumping enough blood to the brain. Dizziness, weakness and shortness of breath may be a symptom of arrhythmia and even heart attack.

Problems in bed

Men with erectile dysfunction and in women with reduced libido or rigidnost may have circulation problems associated with high blood pressure or accumulation of cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels.

The discoloration of the skin

Blue or gray the fingers and toes can be the result of violation of circulation of oxygen-rich blood, which often happens due to heart disease or clogged in the blood vessels. Spider veins appear when holesterinove plaque has reached small vessels. In endocarditis and bleeding under the skin can appear on the palms and feet.

Bleeding gums

Experts do not quite understand the connection between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. But studies show that bleeding, swollen or sensitive gums often accompany or provoke heart disease. For example, the presence of gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss, increase the risk of stroke. One theory is that bacteria from the gums enter the bloodstream and trigger inflammation in the heart.

Dark spots on the neck

Dark stains on a thin skin (neck, armpit, groin) appear when you have problems with the production of the hormone insulin, about leads to the development of diabetes and subsequent heart problems.

Shortness of breath

The feeling of breathlessness can be a symptom of heart failure, arrhythmia or heart attack. Contact your doctor if you have shortness of breath after doing your usual things or the appearance of choking in the supine position. When is a chest pain call an ambulance.

Swelling of the ankles

Fluid accumulation can also occur from heart failure and poor blood circulation in the legs. Swollen feet can be due to a blood clot that blocks blood circulation from the lower extremities to the heart.

Constant fatigue

Heart failure fatigue can overcome, even if you slept a reasonable amount of time. The reason – a violation of blood circulation in the body due to a failure of the heart.