The end of 2016: 10 victories and achievements of Ukraine

Despite the abundance of losses and disasters, 2016 year will be remembered for something good. This victory Jamala Eurovision and the triumph of Ukrainian Paralympic athletes, and the first flight of Russian aircraft giant “dream” in Australia. We have collected the main victories and achievements of Ukraine in the past year.

1. The return of the paintings

In April Ukrainian intelligence services have found four stolen from the Museum of the Dutch horn picture. The kidnapping was arranged by one of ethnic criminal groups, which included people from Donbass. May 30 unknown brought to the Dutch Embassy another stolen picture. He explained that he had received it as a gift, but decided to return to the Museum after he learned that it was stolen. In September all artwork was returned to the Dutch authorities.

At the beginning of may in Odessa region in preparation for the crossing to the territory of Moldova, Ukrainian border guards detained 17 of the paintings stolen on 11 November 2015 from the civic Museum of Castelvecchio in Verona the Italian. They showed in the Khanenko Museum in a temporary exhibition, and then transferred to Verona.

2. Flight of “Mriya” in Australia

The Ukrainian giant airplane “Mriya” in 2016, has performed the first commercial flight to Australia. The total time spent in flight “Mriya” was 55 hours. During this time, the liner covered about 40 thousand km For landing of “Mriya” in Perth watched about 15 thousand people.

After that, the plane had flown from Sao Paulo to Santiago a record for the continent load.

Mriya is the heaviest aircraft in the world: its length is 84 m and the wingspan — for 84.4 M.

3. Victory Jamala Eurovision

At the international song contest “Eurovision”, held in Stockholm on 15 may, the representative of Ukraine Jamal took first place with a song “1944”, dedicated to the deportation of the Crimean Tatars. Special this victory was because of Jamal in a bitter struggle bypassed one of the favorites of Russian Sergey Lazarev. Furthermore, the composition Ukrainka received a special prize for the best line in the song. The host city of the Eurovision song contest this time was chosen for the competition and won the capital. Not all are happy with it, but the authorities have promised to tourists and citizens may make the city more comfortable and beautiful.

4. The Return Of Hope Savchenko

May 25-man symbol for the fate of which experienced all of Ukraine, illegally convicted Russian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko returned Home. It was exchanged for a Russian Grushnikov Alexander Alexandrov Evgeny Erofeev. After the General euphoria and congratulations from abroad, Savchenko began to work in the Verkhovna Rada to the PACE and the attitude slowly began to transform from admiration to criticism and even censure. Now Savchenko fell out with the “Fatherland” and decided to create a public platform “Rune”.

In addition, this year was released from captivity Ukrainian Vladimir Pearls and Yuri Suprun, and Gennady Afanasyev and Yury Soloshenko. Last traded for Odessa-representatives of the media — Elena Slishinsky and Vitaly Didenko, who are accused of separatism.

5. The widespread adoption of ProZorro

From August 1, all public procurement in Ukraine were transferred to a single ProZorro. It became mandatory to use. Public e-procurement through this system, launched by local governments, utility companies and other organizations using taxpayer funds.

All tenders that exceed the threshold (200 thousand UAH for goods and services, and 1.5 million UAH for works) began to be conducted through ProZorro.

In December ProZorro was the winner of the third annual award in the field of open government Open Government Awards 2016. The system has already saved more than 9 billion UAH.

6. Triumph at the Paralympics

The Ukrainian national team triumphantly performed at the Paralympic games in Rio, having won 117 medals: 41 gold, 37 silver and 39 bronze. Our athletes set 109 records and won 33 awards more than the last Paralympics. The result — the third place in the overall standings after China and the UK. An incredible success, which is a real pride!

7. The launch of NACP and electronic filing

The national Agency for prevention of corruption began work on August 15. Unlike NABOO, NACP is a preventive body: it checks e-declarations of officials, is responsible for state financing of political parties and monitors their financial statements and prevents conflicts of interest. In test mode, the system of e-declarations has earned 15 August, and in the full — 1 September. Violations of the Declaration are already opened production and administrative reports drawn up.

8. The improved position in the ranking of Doing Vusiness

Ukraine in the ranking of Doing Vusiness 2017 received 63.90 DFT points and climbed from 83rd to 80th position. Ukraine showed improvement on all indicators rating. In particular, Ukraine has expanded the role of shareholders in company management, strengthened the responsibility of the Director and expanded the automation of the court. However, due to the peculiarities of the methodology of disallowed tax changes, changing the access data of real estate, the “Single window” at customs.

The Ministry of economic development predict that next year Ukraine could rise by 30-35 positions.

9. Missile tests

Design Bureau “Luch” in November, held a successful interim testing of a new model rocket that flies 60 km and affects a circle with a radius of 50 m. And in December held a successful launch of the European rocket “VEGA” with the Ukrainian engine.

10. The recognition of ownership of the Scythian gold

On 14 December a court in Amsterdam ruled in a dispute about the Scythian gold and decided that it should return to Ukraine. Legal precedent arose from the fact that the exhibits of four Crimean museums have taken to the exhibition in Netherlands in February 2014, and after the illegal annexation of Crimea museums of the Peninsula passed under the control of the occupation authorities, have informed them of their rights. After almost two years of litigation the court ruled that the artifacts need to give Ukraine, but you still have to wait for the appeal process and it may take about a year.