In gschs want to increase 100 times the penalty for violation of fire safety

The State service for emergency situations (SSES) want in parallel with the decrease of the state control and supervision over the business to increase 100 times the penalty for violation of fire safety, which now amounts to 170 UAH. This was stated by the Deputy head of fire safety Department of emergency situations prevention SSES Eugene Lynch.

“We need to understand that reducing the influence of the state on business entities, we need to increase their responsibility for violations. We have developed a draft law is being coordinated at the level of Central bodies of Executive power, higher fine, at least 100 times for violation of fire safety requirements. Make the fine was UAH 170, and 17 thousand UAH. By analogy with the penalties that are now imposed for violation of traffic rules, is that an accurate figure, which will also lead to action,” said Lynch.

He noted that the reform in gschs want to implement risk-oriented approach to the management of fire and technogenic safety on enterprises.

Lynch explained that now, even if on identical enterprises undertaken different measures of fire safety, they will still belong to the same risk.

“In this regard, we develop a methodology to assess the fire-prevention condition, which we will give a numerical value. In fact according to what measures the enterprise is taking, a business entity can do something to reduce the risk of fire, and thus to transfer your object from a high degree of risk in average, with an average slightly depending on the actions undertaken. This approach is also used in many countries,” said Lynch.