TOP 5 rules for girls: how to maintain a beautiful breast shape

Women decollete requires especially gentle care. Any wrong step in care may be the reason that the Breasts lose their shape.

How to take care of her body and what girls are wrong, writes


Always gently apply the cream on the breast area: try to do it with light, gentle movements, without pressure and simani.

While applying the cream on your chest should be nice. Moisturizer should be applied two times.

Slimming cream

Slimming cream is great. But not in the chest area. Often girls, using similar means, put them on the whole body, including the chest. This should not be done. The same applies to essential oils that are designed to fight cellulite.

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Pulling hairs with tweezers

The chest is very sensitive, and when pulling out hairs, inflamed follicles. And this is very good. To avoid changing the shape of the breast, remove the hair in this area gentle ways.

Sleeping on the stomach

The habit of sleeping on my stomach spoils the shape of the breast, you need to remember that. The perfect sleep position – on his back. If you sleep on your back it is not impossible and you can only sleep on my stomach – podkladyval under the chest pillow.

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Mask for breast

The breast skin needs special care. 2-3 times a week do masks for this area. It is best to apply moisturizing, nourishing, anti-ageing and lifting mask. Special funds can not buy – suitable and those that you use for the face.