Wormwood can cure tuberculosis – scientists

The TB will help recover the substance, which is contained in wormwood. This was stated by scientists from the University of Michigan in the United States, published the results of a study in Nature Chemical Biology.

According to them, Artemisia Annua contains artemisinin connection, these days, which is the most effective medicine against tropical malaria. For his discovery of Chinese pharmacologist Tu Yu received half of the Nobel prize. Also Artemisia Annua used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Now, however, studies have shown that artemisinin is able to block the protective mechanism of the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of tuberculosis. It is noted that due to this bacterium can not resist the antibiotics.

During an experiment to discover the effectiveness of artemisinin, the researchers had to sort through more than 540 thousand connections.

Despite promising results, scientists say, as to the use of artemisinin as a cure for tuberculosis so far away. First you need to at least study its interaction with existing drugs and identify, not produced if resistance to it.

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