Dentists told how to prevent bleeding gums

To ensure that the gums were healthy and didn’t bleed, dentists are advised to pay attention only to one aspect – the proper care of the mouth. Don’t need any additional medications or vitamins, it is important only correctly and on time to brush your teeth, writes “Orthodox”.

Of course, need to brush your teeth in the morning and evening. In the morning to freshen the breath after sleep, and in the evening to clear the mouth from the various germs and bacteria, as well as for eight hours to give teeth to relax in a perfect cleanliness.

If you’re sure you brush your teeth and do it carefully, but the blood still appears from time to time, pay attention to two points.

First, it is dental floss. It should be used in the evenings when you’re not in a hurry. With floss can remove food debris in hard to brush areas.

Second, jorik. It is soft and hard and performs support to the toothbrush function.

Healthy and well-maintained gums should only be light pink.